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  1. https://hlj.com/product/BANN24034 Up for pre-order on HLJ. Shipping is gonna be so nasty...
  2. Well. That's what I get for not going back exactly ONE PAGE. Thanks! Want is rather high, but at almost 200 CDN... Might have to wait a tiny bit.
  3. That is pretty. Any details on scale and when it comes out?
  4. I do know why Gamestop opens games. It's to display the boxes, and to deter theft. I remember way (way way) back when you could get a box (and they were way bigger too) off the shelf, and hear the bits shifting about inside. And as an aside, I think that the hugely inflated prices for original carts and boxes is overrated. The last time I went shopping for retro games to play I was shocked to see prices in the $30-50, with a few $100 and up floating about. Honestly, I think this market is due for a rather nasty crash.
  5. To answer number 2, it's because of licensing restrictions. Not sure exactly which company (main suspects are Disney and Revell) is causing the screws to be tightened down. I have had good luck finding the kits on Amazon, of all places, and at reasonable prices. Once the hype dies down a bit.
  6. Thanks for the comments! At 1:400 scale, Queen Mary 2 is 87 cm long, but only a little over 10 cm in width. A long skinny huge ship. For fun, I pulled Academy's Titanic out of the stash (also 1:400), and if you were to make Queen Mary 2 into a tub, you'd be able to float Titanic in it, and move forwards and backwards a little. I will be very happy when the case is built, and she's installed at the travel agency. For now, she rests in the one room in the house that the cats have no access to.
  7. Queen Mary 2 in 1:400 scale is DONE. Well, not quite, I haven't attached the engine pods, as this model is for a client who runs a travel agency, and we're waiting on the case maker to make a case for her to sit in, and I don't want to damage the delicate propellers. I started this model way back in July 2012, and worked on it off and on. She's pretty much built as is out of the box, with an aftermarket wood deck kit applied, as I prefer the look of real wood (and saves my sanity in masking).
  8. Rising from the wreckage that is my hobby bench is this grunt Graze a little while ago. Went with dark green colours instead of the lighter greens called for. The frame was painted in metallic grey, and then toned down with a clear flat. Not too bad of a kit. I've also got McGillis's Graze in the box waiting to be built.
  9. Well, the movie might not be getting glowing reviews, but I did get the soundtrack yesterday, and it's great to listen to! I find it's a blend of Man of Steel and The Nolan Batman films, which isn't surprising, since it's Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL who composed the music. I'll make up my own mind when I go see the movie, probably within a few days after it opens.
  10. Picked up the new Master of Orion on Steam, which also comes with 2 really good games, and one... not so good game. Master of Orion 1-3. I still have my manuals for Master of Orion 1-3. As for the new Master of Orion, so far, it's living up to the name, at least to me. There's only a few races finished at the moment, and they do plan on adding more soon. I think it's worth the $54.99 Canadian asking price.
  11. That has more to due with the fact that eBay takes a cut out of every sale. Sellers mark up the shipping to make more money. Lots of them don't even try to be subtle about it. I've pretty much stopped all my ordering from the USA, and cut back on my overseas orders, due to the low value of the Canadian Dollar.
  12. I'm in Canada too. My local TRU has some in stock. Pm me if you want me to mail you one.
  13. Has anybody spotted Onslaught in stores yet? My local Toys R Us (all three of them), currently only have the Protectobots, and it was only by sheer luck I managed to snag Bruticus' limbs.
  14. I had an interesting idea: What if Snoke is disguising his appearance? We only see him via hologram transmission, and thus, have no proof that he looks the way he does. What if we've already met the villain, and just don't know it yet?
  15. Got a Sphero BB-8 for Christmas! This thing is awesome, and tricky to control.
  16. If it's on pre-order, you usually get it automatically. That's what happened with my copy of Xenoblade, which resulted in me getting it for a little over $22 Canadian, and free shipping (since it originally qualified for super saver shipping). If you don't, or if it drops in price shortly after purchase and shipping, contact customer service.
  17. Found most of Combiner Wars Bruticus (everybody but Onslaught) at my Toys R Us yesterday. I thought these weren't coming out till January. Brawl and Swindle will make excellent legs. One nitpick about Brawl is that his chest and hips don't lock together well in robot mode.
  18. So, I've been using the GPD XD for a while now, and I think I can give a bit of a rundown on it: GPD XD REVIEW I've been using the GPD XD for a little over a week now, and I think I can deliver a fair review. A word before I go further. The legality of the device is a little... suspect. The base device is perfectly legal, but in order for you to play the games, you need to load ROMS of the games, which isn't legal. I also wish to point out that the reason why I got the device was because I was tired of waiting for Nintendo and company to release virtual console titles from the SNES era, along with lots of Sega Genesis titles. Hopefully they'll have something better for their next generation of hardware. First off, the device is well built, and doesn't feel like it's going to break anytime soon. Clearly, the designers went with a New 3DSXL form factor to start, and then turned it into their own device. It's about the same size, and weight, and feels comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The clam shell design can be opened a full 180 degrees, or to a similar angle to the 3DS. The shoulder buttons have a solid clicky feel to them. The face buttons and D-pad are somewhat mushy, but this isn't too bad, as they're quite responsive. The twin sticks don't click, and their respective L3 and R3 are located nearby. The sticks themselves are quite good, and feel like a small version of the twin sticks on my PS3 controller. There's three versions out there, and they only differ in chassis colours, and storage options. The base model has 16 GB on board, and there's a 32 and 64 GB version out there. I went with the 32 GB model, as the jump to 64 was a little excessive in cost, and it does include a microsd port in the back, so it will be a trivial issue if I need more storage in the future. The screen, in a word, is excellent. It's a 5 inch 720P screen. It's vibrant and bright. I haven't had problems playing in sunlight. Despite having a controller on the bottom, you can still use it as a touch screen. I don't think it's made of gorilla glass, so a little bit of caution when using it might be warranted. It's also quite loud. The included speakers pipe out quite a bit of sound, and it's quite good, quality wise. The headphone jack also has plenty of power going to it, and has no problems driving a full size headphone set. Battery life is excellent, and will last you all day long. The device does use android, and has access to the google play store. Pre loaded on it are several pieces of emulation software, along with... samples (interpret that as you will). There's also a pre-loaded emulation store too, where you can download copies of games. I found the emulation for the device a bit of a hit or miss. It's perfect for playing SNES, Genesis, Gameboy (and colour), and Gameboy Advance. Some PS1 titles, some N64 titles, and some Dreamcast titles have glitches in them. Since this is an android system, you could replace the bundled software for something better. I haven't replaced the software yet, as I don't really want to play N64, PS1 or Dreamcast on the go (or DS and PSP). The real neat thing GPD did was that the buttons are mappable, so you can use the controller for android games that use the touchscreen for input. Push the gamepad button, slide the pictoral represntations of the buttons over the android input overlay, hit save, and you can play a touchscreen game with the buttons. It only holds one profile at a time with no profile saving (that I've seen), so you'll have to tweak it between titles. The bundled emulation software is mostly setup for the controller, and you don't need to do this, for the most part. In short, if you're looking to get an emulation machine for on the go retro gaming, give the GPD XD a good hard look. I like it, and it hasn't really dissapointed me one bit.
  19. GPD XD came in the mail yesterday, and... I LOVE IT. It it legal? Most probably not. However, for gaming in the go, this thing is quite flexible and, so far, hasn't had any problems playing anything. There's some glitches with the emulation, but that is to be expected. I'll post a proper review once I've used it for a bit more.
  20. Now, that, is an interesting question. I did get to see The Phantom Menace when it came out in theaters in 1999, as well as the subsequent sequels. I also got to watch the original (and slightly altered) trilogy when it came out a few years prior. Man I feel old.
  21. Considering who told Bandai where they could sell their kits, I think I'm sticking it to Disney. However, despite what has been made public, I don't think Revell isn't exactly innocent.
  22. I'd second the whole buying from Amazon deal. Most of the retailers aren't going overboard with the markup. I did, however, notice the regular TIE fighter went up from $24 to the $30 range. As long as there are dealers willing to be reasonable, I'll continue to stick it to Disney.
  23. Well, finally got my replacement video card yesterday. I've also got a bit of a cautionary tale for you too. In short, Canada Computers retail outlets are great. Fast service, and smart employees. Their online store is terrible. Poor/no communication, and any attempts at communication results in not being able to reach anybody. The only reason why I went with Canada Computers was because they had the card I wanted for sale that week. Now, I did get my video card, but it took over a week for them to even SHIP the darn thing.
  24. The more I looked into the Retron 5, the less I was liking it. My main issues with it were the death grip it had on the carts themselves, and the somewhat questionable build quality. The whole software stealing is another can of worms, and probably one I shouldn't open. The GPD XD looks pretty solid, and the reviews themselves praise the quality that went into it. I guess I'll take the plunge shortly.
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