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  1. There's going to be a 50 inch TV mounted to that thing very, very soon. It's also designed to be taken apart very easily by one person, so that if I need to move it (or if I move), it can be taken apart and somewhat flat packed out.
  2. Almost done! I've always wanted to build one of these things, and I couldn't find anything that wasn't crazy expensive out there, so I bashed one up myself. It's super comfortable to sit in, and the seat is fully adjustable (it is from a car, complete with the slide rails). All that's left to do is mount the TV, secure the joysticks, attach the speakers and drill the few holes I need to run the wires.
  3. Mine's waiting for me at the post office, and best of all, NO CUSTOMS!!! Yay!
  4. No boat for me. I chose SAL. It might be here next week. Shipping was quite reasonable too, 1890 yen. It's useful when you aren't in a hurry to get the latest shiny.
  5. Remind me to never buy anything from you! Still waiting for mine, but then again, I chose the cheapest shipping option from NY.
  6. There's no electronics in this... YET! It's the floor of my Mk1 homebuilt cockpit. Side panels and monitor stand will be added as the paint dries. Seat and pedals to be mounted soon. Always wanted to build one of these!
  7. I have. That's where I liberally use blaster bombs on the map. Lots of apologies needed later, but all my soldiers come back alive.
  8. The first X-com isn't all that hard, at least until you get to the aliens that and mind control your soldiers. After you get mind control (and soldiers that are very good at it), the game is laughably easy. Terror from the deep... Lobstermen. Just Lobstermen... WHY?!?!??!?
  9. I'll play it... As long as it's not as brutally hard as Terror from the deep. That game still makes me want to put my fist through my monitor to this very day!
  10. Almost pre-ordered Quickslinger off of Prime toys... Until I got to the shipping charges. $33?!?! No way.
  11. I have the robot spirits VF-25 and Q-Rau? Did somebody sneak into my house and give me more macross toys while I was at work? In all seriousness, I think you've got someone else collection in your mind!
  12. They fold up into the shuttle body. This VB is a perfect transformation. The only thing lacking is a set of landing gears...
  13. http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/list.aspx?list=18437&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Marketing&utm_content= BBTS has Combiner Wars Protectobots up for pre-order! Screw the exchange rate, I want it!
  14. Beat Homeworld Remastered last night. Despite the changes to the gameplay, it still holds up incredibly well. The last mission and conclusion were both massive punches to the feels. Of course, most of my fleet was... borrowed from the Taiidan Empire. It's not like they were going to use those ships! I was surprised at how much of a firepower upgrade the heavy cruisers got. They literally will one shot just about anything short of a destroyer, and will kill destroyers in no time flat. Of course, I made every effort to steal as many as I could!
  15. Well, I did max everything out and it ran just fine... But then again, I do have a fairly beefy computer. Nothing fazes it too much. I actually liked that research only took time. I felt that it was appropriate, as per the lore, resources are nothing more than atomized space dust, asteroids or nebula gasses. If you don't provide extra resources in every mission, you're going to run out of money pretty dang quick. The main problem with the fighters breaking formation happens when they go to attack something. If you have a formation set, in the original, they would stay in that formation, and break it only to evade (or not at all with aggressive tactics). In the remaster, no matter what formation you have set, they'll break off into pairs as soon as they enter combat.
  16. Picked up the collector's edition on Amazon, and here's my 2 cents on Homeworld Remastered: Pros: Original versions of Homeworld 1 and 2! Remastered editions of Homeworld 1 and 2! All those extras in the box (keychain, ship model, and artbook) Cons: Gameplay changes to Homeworld 1 1) Ships don't maintain formation (this is really, really critical for strike craft) 2) Fighters don't need fuel 3) Research now costs resources (originally, it was just time) 4) Probably some more I haven't found Collector's box doesn't include a soundtrack CD (not a big con, but something that would have been nice to include) The art book is part of the original manual (and half the size too) Overall I'm pretty happy with the remastered. I can overlook the gameplay changes to Homeworld 1, as they did include the original, which holds up really, really well for a game released in 1999.
  17. Apparently the other pilot ejected, and was ok. Out of curiosity, I know the F-16 is fly by wire, but doesn't it still use hydraulics to move the control surfaces? If it does, does this mean that the pilot got lucky with the damage pinching off the lines (thus allowing him to remain in control of the plane), or is there something I'm missing?
  18. Anybody getting this: http://www.hlj.com/product/wavkm-11/Sci ? The instructions on 1999 make it look super easy to build. Mine should be here in a couple of weeks or so. I just hope it's not tiny.
  19. Having used my new 3dsxl (just plain black) over the weekend, I'd have to say, it's totally worth it. I didn't have any issues doing a system transfer, either. I just stopped off at one of the local computer stores, grabbed a 32gb microsd card, and stuck it in before first boot. After a couple of hours it was all done. I like the super stable 3d mode, and I do like the little c-stick nub. I also really appreciate the faster hardware inside. Really speeds up boot times, and smooths out framerates in a couple of my games. What I don't like is the glossy covers. It really shows fingerprints, and does get a little slippery after a while. I don't see why they couldn't have gone with an all matte finish on it, like the previous 3dsXL. I'm really hopping that the faster hardware allows for more virtual console games (SNES please!), and hopefully GBA titles.
  20. Soo... What happened to Devil Satan 1 to 5? Weren't they evil enough or something? And yes, while Defensor has loads of nostalgia value for me, Predaking was my favorite. As soon as Takara announced they were reissuing it back in 2004, I jumped on a pre-order and got him just before Christmas. I don't know why they feel they need to play with the colour mixes in the more recent reissues. Wasn't the Orange, Red, Yellow and Black colour scheme good enough?
  21. Definitely going to get all the Protectobots! And Devastator, who looks much better this time around. I'm not going to like how empty my wallet is going to be at times... But such is the life.
  22. Grabbed combiner wars wave one to form Superion. Gotta say, it looks MUCH better in person... even with the odd Alpha-Bravo and Dragstrip forming limbs. He's a little bit taller than Predaking, but nowhere near as bulky (or heavy!) I think I'll be getting the rest of the Stunticons and Aerialbot in wave 2.
  23. Thanks for the heads up. Pre-ordered the GP04! Looking forward to it!
  24. Whoa, is that a MAXL? Looking mighty fine for something that is all anime magic!
  25. You can make a paint booth yourself using some plywood and a range hood. Scope around and see if anybody has a range hood to sell or give away and then design your box around it. Don't go too cheap on an airbrush. Give this page: https://sites.google.com/site/donsairbrushtips/ a read for some info on airbrushes. He reviewed a gamut of airbrushes, from the mega cheap to the higher end.
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