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  1. I actually use three types of glues. A thick glue, a somewhat thinner glue (has the consistency of some oils), and a really thin glue (water like consistency). The thick glue is the regular stuff in the testors orange tube. The thinner glue is a Xylene based glue, also from testors. The really thin glue is Tamiya's modeling cement. From what I found, the thick glue is great for stuff with lots of gaps, the thinner stuff is great for snap together models (like the Gundam kits), and the thin glue is excellent for small parts that attach to a larger part. That's my two cents. Oh and I also use 90 minute epoxy and superglues on occasion, but they're really for repairs for when I break somthing (like my Max 1A. See the What's wrong with my Yamato thread in the Toys forum to see what I did to fix it).
  2. Looks good. A side note though. Those hatches on the shoulders are there only so that you could retract and extend the little verniers on the tips of the shoulders. Technically they should be kept closed. Looks great!
  3. VF-19

    HLJ Crazy Sales

    Same thing happened to me with my Max 1A back at the end of July (when it was 3900... Grr... ). I put the order in, and a few hours later, it was no longer on sale. Got real lucky then. If you put the order in while it was on sale, you should get it for the sale price.
  4. VF-19

    Yamato 1/60 VT-1

    Here's a nice simple fix for the stubborn chest plate. Its what I do with my Hikaru 1J and my Max 1A. When you are ready to slide the chest plate down, place your thumb on the T section and gently press downwards while applying force towards the back of the battroid. Slides down every time!
  5. Yeah??? You mean all my superb Valks are bootlegs ? cool!! Yup! By that technicallity, they're the worlds best bootleg! If HG blocks Yamato and doesn't provide the evidence to prove it has the right to block Yamato, can it still block them for trying to distribute "illegal" merchandise?
  6. Not to stray off the subject. Do you think Harmony Gold would do something similar if one of their MPCs was defective? Aren't all MPCs defective? I wonder if the opinion "they suck" construes as a defect?
  7. Harmony Gold considers Yamato's valks an illegal product, as it doesn't have their stamp of approval on it. Still... I want, no. I NEED to see the contract between HG and TP. Isn't a contract supposed to be able to be viewed by the public?
  8. I'm pretty sure that the L key does that... It's been a while since I've played Mechwarrior 3 but I've always played it with a Joystick. My favortite mech was the Cauldron Born. And my favorite activity to do in that mech would be to skoosh the little people as they try to run away.
  9. My problems are: 1) Funds (or lack thereof) 2) Parents... I'm 22 and I'm living at home... Gotta be a diplomat. 3) Lack of room.
  10. The A is in 1:850 scale. At least you could put the NX-01 and the Enterprise-A together and they'd be in scale. The E is much smaller, 1:1700.
  11. Well... If you like them that much, then get them now. There's a chance that they won't be available anymore in a few months... And by that point, you may be pissed that you missed your chance to get the 11 and 21.
  12. Well... You did mention runny paint, so I would suspect that you either layed the paint on too thick or you thinned the paint too much. I had a problem with runny paint once, and that was because I thinned it too much. The other thing is to wait for the paint to dry fully. Sometimes the half-dried paint may run when you put a new layer of paint...
  13. Great site! Lots of pictures to help me out! I'm kinda weary on putting on a false canopy on the underside of the cockpit... Do you think I should?
  14. VF-19

    HLJ Crazy Sales

    It seems that nobody loves them... But I like my Max way more than my 1J... Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the hips haven't cracked...
  15. VF-19

    HLJ Crazy Sales

    I'm pissed off at this sale... I got my Max about a month ago at 3900... Not a bad price... but still. I hate it when this happens... And no Banpresto Strikes on sale??? They must really want to make room in the warehouse.
  16. Thanks for the idea. However, when I inputed CF-18 at HLJ.com all I got was this: http://www.hlj.com/cgi-perl/hljpage.cgi?HSG00189 I'm sure that somewhere on HLJ.com there's a regular CF-18 available...
  17. Thanks, I already got some pics from there. It was the first link that appeared when I typed "CF-18" into google. The project is still in the planning stages, and what I'm really looking for is a nice set of decals to mark up the Strike 1S... Any suggestions?
  18. I'm considering ordering a Strike Battroid from Hasegawa, but I'm not going to do it in the traditional colour scheme... Here's my rather... unusual idea. I plan to paint the Strike 1S as if it were used in the Royal Canadian Airforce. I'm leaning towards using a CF-18's paint scheme as a base, but what I'm really going to need is the proper decals, and lots of CF-18 pics (or any other Canadian fighter). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Well, a human can survive in space for a short period of time without a space suit. You'll feel like crap, but you'll live. Keep in mind that the Zentradi and Meltrandi are genetically engineered. They may have atributes that allow them to survive brief exposure to space. As to money in the Macross... I don't know...
  20. Uh... I'll assume that you're being sarcastic... It is possible to get the tweezers in the hole without setting off the buzzer... But you need the hands of a brain surgeon to do it...
  21. No. This way they can make more money. I don't know... I've never seen Scarface... Perhaps I'll rent it first...
  22. Oh yeah... you forgot to mention it is more expensive then every single console out there. Thanks! It's also much more expensive than any other console out there! Personally I love my GBA, dark screen and all. Nothing a little 100 watt light bulb can't fix. Another somewhat lousy console would have to be the Game Gear. Eats batteries like crazy, and can't be played in well lit situations. Both due to the nice bright backlit screen. However, the Game Gear has some excellent titles for it.
  23. I too put my vote for other. The N-Gage. Personally I think it will suck. It's a phone and a gaming system... Geez... More things to break... Not to mention I think you have to sign up for the celular aspect in order to even play the system... Could be wrong though.
  24. I too just use regular rubbing alcohol with excellent results for my thinning needs. I also have a bottle of tamiya thinner too, and when I tried it out, I didn't notice any difference between it and the cheap stuff... Oh well. Whatever works!
  25. VF-19

    First Valk

    Well... I can't speak for the Macross Plus line or the Macross 1:48 line, but I can speak for the 1:60 line. In short they're fairly sturdy, but you can't be too rough on them. Dropping them is a no-no, and trying to force parts is also a thing you shouldn't do (unless you know exactly what you're doing).
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