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    Im interested in most things a teenager would be interested in, other than drugs and bad music.<br><br>Im pretty knowledgable about all the oldies, Mazinger Z, Groizer X, Dorvack, Galvion, Srungle, Dougram, etc. Well, as knowledgable as you can be about shows as unnatainable as that.<br><br>If you think I sound cool, drop me a message, I use AIM and MSN Messenger!

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  1. Yes, the art is quite hideous. Its almost like the animation directors decided to make it as UGLY as they could. LOL. I've only seen the previews, but yah. Dont look too diggin. -BEN-MAN-
  2. ... This. I. Do. Not. Understand. Explain this to me in great detail. Your a cool guy Drew. Explain this to me. Max doesnt give Hurin a good reply... I tell him to give Hurin a good reply... Jemstone posts a rage filled message directed towards me... And she still wont let it rest. So... Im supposed to let her get away with it cause shes a WOMAN? WHY? She's said worse stuff to me than I've said to her. Explain to me, why your dissing ME, and not HER. Im going to get really enraged if someone doesnt EXPLAIN TO ME why theyre siding with frakking JEM who started this crap, and who's kept it going. Shits sake. Has the world gone backwards? Next time theres a flame lets all verbally face rape someone. After all, its their fault! It has to be! Why does it have to be? It just does cause were a bunch of idiots! It really irks me that after all Jem has said, people are still only looking down on ME. All jem got was a "woah there jem!"... LOL... its PREPOSTEROUS. UTTERLY PREPOSTEROUS. -BEN-MAN-LIKES-FUNNY-SITUATIONS-
  3. Already tried vinnie. 'Crazy wench wont let it rest. -BEN-MAN-
  4. ... Max... So this crazy bitch posts publicly and disses me.... I take it to PMs, figuring, woah there bitch, dont screw up Hurins thread! Then she takes my PM and posts it back into the thread... And now, here this little bitch is, running around shooting off her ugly unclean mouth at me... If I diss this frakk the way she deserves and get banned, Im going to curse you for all time Max. Im a reasonable man. Deal. With. Your. Wench. Now. Fine with me... let this go on.. I'll have fun dissing her. But this stuff isnt supposed to be allowed on Macross World is it? Better fix it Max. -BEN-MAN-
  5. Honor me more. I wont think better of it. The woman has serious problems that I alone cant subdue. Edit:... Jemstone... You are pathetic. Totally repulsively pathetic. You post a violent insult filled message to me, on the public boards, then when I diss you in return, post something insinuating I hate you because your a woman? Nice tactic. But I've seen through it you smelly wench. COOL YOUR JETS, your the one who started this crap, and now your going to end it. -BEN-MAN-
  6. Max... Discipline your ugly little fem-goon. -BEN-MAN-
  7. Your making me sad. Cant we be friends? -BEN-MAN-
  8. We have lost our way... Lets just all be friends. -BEN-MAN-
  9. I'm not his stooge. Just a person who's fed up with your bull crap and telling you to SHUT THE frakk UP AND GET A frakkING LIFE! You're the one with an agenda here trying to make Hurin's thread a "demote Max" campaign because you can't handle being bitchslapped like the bitch you are. If anyone needs to shut up it's you. Better yet sign off and go lick your balls. You're good at that. Your still my friend. -BEN-MAN-
  10. Why is friendship pointless? To WHO is it pointless? -BEN-MAN-
  11. I like getting along. You guys should just forget that life has meaning and have fun on these boards. Take a valium! LoL! -BEN-MAN-
  12. Lets all be friends! We should, we should! -BEN-MAN-
  13. 20 of em?? Damn. Never knew a VF-1 could be loaded out with 20 of those things. Now thats what I call a missile boat. -BEN-MAN-
  14. SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT. That had an axe wielding sant in it, didnt it? -BEN-MAN-
  15. Dude, lets just all get along. -BEN-MAN-
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