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  1. Hi All, Long time no see! I don't really know how well my subtitles project for the fx and official DYRL DVDs have held up over the years. Perhaps there's newer and better ones available nowadays. But, on the off-chance that some still remember those projects fondly and want to incorporate those subtitles onto their 2016 official Blu-ray release of Macross: Do You Remember Love, I humbly offer a ZIP file containing an SRT file and a ASS (heh) file below. A lot has changed in the fifteen years since I first grafted subtitles onto those DVDs. Most especially, I no longer feel the need to "graft" to physical media in the era of Plex and other media playing technologies that can stream original-quality video and audio to our TVs and home theaters. I suspect the vast majority of people will use MakeMKV to extract the movie from the physical Blu-ray disc (make sure you own and keep the disc, lest this not be something I can recommend) and then play it in some modern media player that will allow the importing of external subtitle files. How exactly that is done is beyond the scope of (at least) this first post. Basically, these files are meant to be used in Plex, VLC, or something similar (though they could also form the foundation of a "graft onto a physical Blu-ray" project I suppose). Back in the day, I was arrogant enough to call the DVD subtitles projects "upgrades". . . I'll leave it to all of you whether that's still a warranted description. As then, the goal of these subtitles is "better looking, more accurate, 'natural-sounding' (at least to my ear) subtitles for Macross: Do you Remember Love with no image quality loss." The files are timed only for the 2016 Blu-ray (the "uncensored" Blu-ray re-release). It took about a day to re-time them and nudge them all a bit since they weren't off by any uniform timespan that I could just apply across the board. I'm pretty happy now with their "snappiness" though I may upload a v1.01 eventually since I find it hard to watch the move without noting where an improvement could be made here or there. Of the two files provided. . . macross-dyrl-hurin-english-bluray.ass - this format provides positional data for the subtitles so that (only) Zentraedi dialog can be placed at the top of the screen where it won't conflict with the already present "burned-in" subtitles in the film. The downside is that on applications like Plex, it will actually force a transcoding of the video in order to transpose these image-based subtitles onto the original film. So, if you must have absolutely untouched video, go with the SRT file. macross-dyrl-hurin-english-bluray.srt - this format does not provide positional data (etc.). At its core, it's just a text file with timestamps and it's up to your media player to decide how and where to display the subtitles. So, your media player should be able to display them without touching/changing the underlying video at all. Another benefit is that your player can decide on size, color, etc. The downside to this is that you're only able to choose one place to display all subtitles. So, if you choose the bottom of the screen, you're going to get some overlapping English and native Zentraedi (burned-in) subtitles. The ZIP file download is available here. If you're so inclined, you can verify the integrity of the file with the hashes below. . . SHA1: BEAF9901BC33BD55D93AA177B4EE0100BA4AC631 SHA256: 83770B1B78024DF9A23E4C2901B7E12CA2C7D5D2F4BCABD72DA8A7E6D241FF69 Some screenshots of the subs in action (click for full-size). . . Oh, and of course, if you ever want to tweak these subs yourself (wording, size, positioning), all you need to do is open them in Aegisub and tweak 'til your heart's content! Best Regards to All, --Hurin
  2. Sorry to necro this thread. But has anyone retimed these subtitles to the blu-ray release? I just ordered a (assumed legit) copy of the blu-ray standard edition form CDJapan. Was wondering if someone had already done the drudgery of retiming things and might have made the subtitle files available for remastering a subtitled blu-ray. Or, dare I ask? Are there now better subtitles available beyond my meager efforts above? Has anyone improved upon them over the years? ;) --H
  3. Hi All, Sorry if this is old news (rudimentary MWF search didn't show anything). . . A youtube video of a scratch-built radio-controlled VF-1 Valkyrie (two of them, actually) actually flying. . . Raw footage
  4. Hi All, My very first Yamato 1/48 recently fell in the bathtub and broke his hip. Or something. . . =) Anyways, if anyone has any spare parts, please let me know. Best Regards, Hurin
  5. Not sure if anyone has ever posted about this before. But Nike allows you to customize the colors on the classic Air Jordan (1st Edition) design. On my only trip to Japan several years ago, I stumbled across some of these in Roy Focker's yellow, white, and black. . . and it even had a valkrie silhouette on the back of the heel. I've always regretted not getting them. At least now I can get these (when the wife is convinced. . .). Anyways. . . you can even make a poster. . .
  6. I thought the same thing since I posted even before DT. But rather than point it out, I decided not to give a sh!t.
  7. Incidentally, those who enjoy the redlettermedia.com reviews of the prequels should probably find a way to download them locally. Disney may not have quick so lax a policy towards such extensive use of film footage that they now own.
  8. Can only be a good thing. I mean, how much worse can you get than Jar Jar and the latest Indy movie? Ironically, it could be Disney that rescues them and returns them to their teenage/young adult-oriented roots. But even if episode 7 stinks, we'll at least get a Plinkett review out of it.
  9. Ah well, that skin I scraped together had a good run! Glad to see MW still going strong. Congrats on the successful IPB upgrade Shawn! The new version seems really robust/versatile. I haven't had reason to run an IPB site for a year or two. But seeing this, I may just find a reason. --H
  10. Well, that could be it. But the current admin may want to check the back-end settings. This is possibly something that can be fixed on the MW side of things. A few years ago (during my tenure as admin), we were having trouble sending to a lot of "free email" services. The problem was that a lot of those services were very picky about the header structure of the emails and rejected the way IPB structures its emails by default. The solution was to add a custom header in the forum email settings (this is something done forum-wide by the admin, not by users themselves). If I recall, the code needed was: -femailaddress@server.com (yes, "dash f" run into a legit email address). At that point, email started getting through to those services. I wonder if this settings was (easily!) overlooked and not duplicated when the forums were rebuilt during the last major IPB version upgrade? Best, H
  11. $.99 No reserve. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190503934453
  12. yes. it can be turned off. It's one of the first settings I disable on any new IPB install.
  13. Ridiculous. $400 and its knees don't even bend.
  14. Being the guy who created that logo. . . I'm actually sorta touched that someone liked it enough to steal it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, etc. =) BTW, that (highly filtered) kite emblem is actually from a picture of the T-shirt they gave away with Robotech Battlecry for the XBox. =)
  15. It should probably be pointed out though that the Japanese soundtrack is very sucky on the ADV release compared to the Animeigo one. The ADV original Japanese track is much less vibrant and quite a bit quieter (and therefore is more distorted and has more hiss because you have to crank it up). The audio track on the Animeigo release is very clean, loud, and vibrant. The dub on Hulu, if anything, will hopefully convince folks to go with the subtitles, and hunt down the Animeigo release.
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