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  1. Item list updated. A few prices lowered. Rob
  2. All items that were paid for have been mailed. Thank you. Rob
  3. All PM's answered and sold items updated. Thanks! Rob
  4. Hello all, Cleaning out most of my personal collection. I have tried to price things at really low prices. I can accept only Paypal. I have not listed the shipping price due to the unstable yen rate. However PM me and I will give you a current shipping qoute. I offer EMS and SAL shipping. EMS is recommended. If you choose SAL, I won't be responsible for lost or damaged items. So EMS is the better way to go even though it is a tad bit more expensive. Since prices are low, I also have to charge 4% of the grand total for a Paypal fee. I will not hold anything, first come first serve and I need immediate payment once confirmed. Buy more than one item and I will give you a discount on the total price. Note: If the combined weight adds up to over 2000g, items must be sent by EMS. PM me if interested. Here is the list: 1. Macross 1/72 Regult - New - Bandai - Plastic Model - 600g - SOLD 2. Macross 1/100 Missile Phalanx - New - Bandai - Plastic Model - 500g - $12.00 3. Macross CM's Minmay Collection - Minmay Doll - Blue - New - Figure - 300g - $8.00 4. Macross CM's Minmay Collection - Minmay Concert (Macross Logo Stand) - New - Figure - 300g - SOLD 5. Macross CM's Minmay Collection - Minmay Concert (DYRL First)- New - Figure - 300g - SOLD 6. Macross CM's Minmay Collection - Set of 6 - New - Figure - 1500g - $30.00 7. Macross VF-1A/J Egg-Plane Ltd Ver - SD - Hasegawa - Plastic Model - 300g - SOLD Non-Macross 1. Gasaraki Raiden Armor - 1/35 - Plastic Model - New - Bandai - 500g - $20.00 2. Gundam 00 / Raizer Designers Edition - 1/100 - Bandai - 1500g (EMS Only) - $60.00 Books 1. Anime Bikes - Covers most motorcycles in Anime series - Used - 800g - SOLD 2. Appleseed Ex Machina Design Book - Used - 800g - SOLD 3. Oxide 2x Character Design Book - Used - 1200g - $30.00 4. Macross 7 TIA Animation Works - Used - 1500g - $25.00 $20.00 5. Intron Depot - Shirow Masamune - Used - 800g - $8.00 (1 Sold, 1 Available) 6. Akira Gomi Yellow's Tokyo 1993 Photobook (Anatomy for the Artist) - Used - $50.00 - 2000g (EMS ONLY) 7. Girl-Arms #2 Military Armor & Jet Mecha Musume Doujinshi (Color) - New - 500g - $25.00 $20.00 Thanks Rob
  5. Hello All, Wanted to drop a post to let everyone know that I have started a blog listing all my back inventory. If you have time check it out. Bubble-Gum Panic I am trying to add new items everyday. List prices are neogtiable, and MW members get 10% off listed prices. If you are interested in something you can email me or shoot me a PM. Thanks Rob Edited for spelling...
  6. Auctions have been updated with many Macross items. Everything has a Buy It Now. Link is above. Thanks!
  7. Hello all! man it has been a long time since I posted here. Anyway I have listed a bunch of auctions. If you get time, please check them out. Auctions Currently listed is as follows: Nausicaa Mowe - Model Nausicaa Gunship - Model Laputa Flaptter - Model Macross II VF-2SS - Model Gundam W Leo Custom LM - Model Gundam W Taurus Custom LM - Model Shirow Masamune 2011 Calandar - Sabertooth Cats 3 Katana Gatari NisiOisiN Ichiban Kuji Prize B PVC Figure Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Ichiban Kuji Prize A PVC Figure Rockman DRN 001 Figure Rockman DRN 000 Figure Gundam HY2M-10 MG Head Set w/Lighting Sysytem Masked Rider Deformed Cloth Series #2 1989 Bandai Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsbourogh Bandai LM Model Escaflowne LM Models Captian Harlock & Queen Emeraldas Model Set Gundam MG MS-06F/J Crystall Zaku Model Gundam Mobile Ship Albion Bandai EX Model Gundam Mobile Ship Argama Bandai EX Model Gundam Ramba Ral Commando Set with Large Zaku Head Gasaraki Tactical Armor Raiden 1/35 Model Yamato Macross DYRL Launch Arm Stand (Silver) Marmitt Etoko-Chan Doll Sega Sakura Wars Doll Bandai Entertainment Bible #17 Patlabor Macross F Makuforo Doujinshi Mecha-Ranka and others Bandai Entertainment Bible #19 - Artmic Mecha Designs If you are interested in something that is on auction, contact me via PM and I can give you a better price than what is listed on eBay. Thanks Rob (aka - Samurai-Monkey)
  8. Don't really come here anymore, email me if you have my mail address, if you don't ....well sorry.

  9. Major update to auctions. Lots of everything. Link is in the first post. Rob
  10. Many auctions ending in the next few hours! More stuff added!
  11. Added two more auctions with start prices at $0.99. 1 - Animation Bikes Data Book 2 - Hyperweapon 2009 - Space Battleship Yamato: Rebirth Design Book. Also contains designs for Battlestar Galactica, Samurai 7, Neo Geo. Illustrated and Models built by Makato Kobayashi.
  12. Hello All, I have listed a bunch of Macross related auctions on eBay. If you get a chance, please take a look. AUCTIONS
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