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  1. Not to high jack the thread, but as far as old advertisements go, I seem to remember Yamato advertising the first YF-19 in Previews the comic shop ordering magazine. I remember putting in an order and my wife being upset at the expense, of course it never came in. Does anyone else remember that?
  2. Got the YF-19. it arrived very quickly and was well packaged. this is the coolest vale in my collection. thanks a lot.
  3. Thanks, I knew it was Voltron but I didn't know what brand for anything. It kind of looked like a soul of chogokin. Either way it is a must have I think. Thank you for the info.
  4. What is the Dairuger? Can you show some more pics of it?
  5. I have been a member of Macross World for a long time, but I am just getting back into collecting valkyries. I fell in love with the Bandai Isamu YF-29 and ordered one from Nippon-Yasan, my first time directly ordering from Japan from someone other than HLJ. Now this may not be the best place for this, but I have a shipping question which kind of qualifies as a noobie question. I bought it at the end of December and the tracking number on Japan Post has said "Dispatch from outward office of exchange" since December 27th. The USPS site says, "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment". I paid for
  6. Well I finally got back to Seattle. I visited Kicks-hobby yesterday and it was great. I saw SO many things I had only seen on the internet before. Thankfully they didn't have any Yamato Valks in stock. Thankfully at least as far as my wallet is concerned. I am going to go to Anime Raku today.
  7. I really like this picture. I don't really know how to explain it my reaction to it other than, WOW.
  8. I have recently been getting back into this scene again. I managed to get a hold of Blue jumpsuit Hikaru, but I am most excited by the Sideshow Toys Asajj Ventress I just bought. I have a Sideshow Darth Maul That is a great figure. I have read reviews that the Asajj is awesome, does anyone else have any experience with these figures?
  9. Corrected Optimus Prime>Voltron>Gurren Lagann> Eva>Gundam>Valkyrie>Scopedog>Ingram> Code Geass Cannon Fodder>Dougbendo But seriously what kind of F-14 is that? It looks amazing with the Valk next to it.
  10. The story is about two multi-universal civilizations. One of those groups of people is Magic-based and one is Science-based although they use Psionics. The magic-based folks use Dragons, Spells, and Swords and Crossbows. The Science-based use firearms and trains.
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