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DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier

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29 minutes ago, rdrunner said:

Looks like the page is gone - just curious, which 171 was it and what was the price? Thanks

If the page is gone, then someone picked it up. It was the Cannon Fodder 171 for roughly 17.5K yen

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52 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

You can get sealed ones for ¥33,000 at Mandarake.

well since is an Item A and Box B category is actually a sealed box ;) , most of the time the B category for the box it means just maybe a small dent on a corner, overall is a MISB category. 

If wasn't this pricey I would get it right away, last time I got and item in this category for this price(a bit more actually ) was for Chronos and damn! that was a huge wallet killer at the time. :vava: 

But I'm happy that I got my  Chronos brand new :D  

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6 hours ago, borgified said:

DX VF-171EX Maruyama for 31k yen at Manda Sahra (4 units).

Take a gander if interested. ;)

If I hadn't just dumped $400 on DX VF-1As...

Some day I want a Maruyama, but it'll have to wait for a hole in the release schedule.

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