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Yammies per user


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Hi all!!

It's been a long time since the first version of these stats, and well, all I have now is almost the double of users and a lot of numbers. :o

Well, what I can say is that there are not many surprises, and you'll see them in a couple of days. <_<

I would like you to ask for a final input: I have post in my webspace (chek My Webpage) the current stats. I'll wait until next saturday or so to correct them or to add new users if you don't find yourself in them. They are listed alphabetically.

As always, feel free to make any suggestions you may have. ;)

Thanks for your input.

PS: I'm very depressed... I have to ask my boss for a salary increase... OMG... So many yammies, so little money... :(

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I have 7 1/48, and will probably stay at this number for a while unless I break down on the 1/60 GBP :)

1/48 VF-1A Max

1/48 VF-1A Low Vis

1/48 VF-1S Roy

1/48 VF-1S Hikaru

1/48 VF-1J Hikaru Super

1/48 VF-1J Max Super

1/48 VF-1J Millia Super

I ought to pick up a Elint and an Ostich while they are still readily availible but I just don't want to spend the money right now.... I will probably regret my decision to hold off down the road, but I need to focus my disposable income on other things right now.

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:( I only have 1 1/48 scale I have the Roy , though I maybe getting a 1/72 YF-19A at the end of the week sometime. so i will have to update.
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got one more 1/48,


1/48: 3

1/60: 0

1/72: 0

maybe 2 more 1/48, but not sure


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Guest YF-21

Well this is my crap

1x VF-1A 1/48 Hikaru :)

2x VF-1S 1/48 Hikaru :)

1x VF-1J 1/48 ( super ) Rick :p

1x VF-1J 1/48 ( super ) Max :p

1x VF-1J 1/48 ( super ) Miria :p

1x VF-1A Low Viz B))

1x VF-1S 1/48 Roy :D

2x 1/48 Strike / Super Parts :D

6x 1/72 :D

6x 1/60 Valk's Roy,trainer,elint,brownie,rick(super) & ostrich :D

1x 1/60 Q-rau :D

6x 1/55 Bandia roy,rick brownie & hikaru ;)

6x Toynami Masterpiece Complete. :D

Edited by YF-21
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I have 4.


4 grapes?

4 girlfriends?

4 billion $?


Plz, try to specify just a little bit, since my guessing abilities are... how may I say... inexistent. :p

Thanks, BTW.


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Mine are all in a closet at the moment, so I don't have an exact count... I'll try from memory...

1/48 : 5

1/72 : 5

1/60 : 14 that may be on the low end.

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Since you asked.

1/72 - 4

1 - vf-11b w/o fast packs

1 - vf-11b with fastpacks

1 - yf-21 with fastpacks

1 - yf-19 2nd edition

1/60 - 3

1 - vf-1s fokker

1 - vf-1s strike

1 - vf-1j super

1/48 - 0

Although I am looking to add a vf-1j Hikaru soon

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I've bought and sold loads of Valks since Yamato first started making them 4 years ago, so it's difficult keeping track of what I've owned.

Anyway, I think my present total for my personal collection is: -

1/48 = 17pcs

1/60 = 20pcs.

1/72 = 18pcs.


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