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  1. Thanks VF5SS. Pulled my 19 out of it's box after a year and found the left shoulder had fallen apart! Just made my order now
  2. Bought the Hot Toys Iron Man Mk VI this week. Seriously, this figure is amazing...
  3. ^ Who's the artist? Those are great! Edit: Nevermind, got the name. Have they got a site?
  4. Played and finished Ghost Trick. Fantastic game, though a bit brief. I'm now playing Okamiden, racked up 4 hours but not got very far yet. I get the feeling it's a pretty big game... Also, I've been experimenting with different racing wheels on GT5. After 2 failures with cheap wheels I decided to get a Driving Force GT, this was a good decision Do you guys use a racing wheel? If so which one?
  5. Glad to hear you guys in Japan are ok, I just hope further casualties are minimal...
  6. I'm currently waiting for mine to arrive, the pics look great. They're making me get a bit impatient though!
  7. I don't use sniper rifles so for me this isn't an issue but I have seen a lot of complaints about this... Also: GT5 to be released in the PAL region on 24th November 2010 I'm taking this news with a pinch of salt, will let you know in a couple of weeks if this is reality
  8. I got Black Ops on Tuesday. Enjoying both the single and multiplayer modes
  9. Played the demo for Enslaved today. I think Ninja Theory has made another winner
  10. Managed to find a UK based company to get MP Rodimus from for £126.99/$196.78/¥16,810. Free delivery and import fees/taxes paid for (considering the cost/size this will be at least £50 extra!). Not too bad I reckon...
  11. England blatently sucks then as not even TRU is stocking Generations or Hunt for the Decepticons at the moment! (At least not online...)
  12. Well let's see. I'm currently watching... The second season of Strike Witches
  13. I don't know about you guys across the pond but I'm having a hard time finding Peg here in England... Ended up getting Battle Blade Bumblebee. This is the first movie BB toy I've bought since the original two and I am so glad I didn't. Definitely the best deluxe version released in my opinion
  14. For those who played the HAWX 2 demo, how easy/hard did you find mid-air refueling and landing? Landing was pretty straight forward but I found the refueling a pain...
  15. Has anyone else got GX-44 Taiyou no Shisa Tetsujin 28? I bought it while in Japan in June and I think it's a really cool SoC
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