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  1. How much are the Macross CMS Convention Figs worth? The Green Hikaru and the Minmay with her hand sticking up?
  2. where is it going to be at this year? how many people are expected to show?
  3. MPOP Trailer??? http://animepunch.net/v-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?t=2449
  4. that must not feel too good
  5. mechanized mobility suits....now if they could add some guns and protection...
  6. are those galaxy defenders any good? i kinda wanted to check out those boots
  7. your best friend eh? hehehe poor nick had to clean up a DIY seat cushion
  8. hey some people use toilet paper as facial tissue, if its good enough for your a$$ then its good enough for your face~!!!!!!!!
  9. I've seen the valk you're talking about when i was in SO-CAL for thanksgiving. if i remember correct. it's non-transformable and i don't think it has any moving parts aside from the landing gear. it does look about joe size but i dont' think the canopy opens. sry i don't know anything else about it, why not ask the guys who work there next time you're at the Spectrum. i just might do that, but i think the people working the store might not know either, unless one is the owner....
  10. ... *winces* Ya know, neither the plane nor the action figure looked that bad when I was a kid. DAMN YOU FOR SOILING MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES! On the other hand, I was always quite annoyed that it didn't transform, because aside from being a toy of a "transformer"(as all transforming vehicles were Transformers, and Robotech was CLEARLY a rip-off), it was obviously intended to change forms at one point(Look at the tail fins! They're HINGED!) yeah, the tail is hinged so it can hold the boosters. Yes, it does come with boosters. do you have one?
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