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  1. #7004 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam (3/2006) I can't wait till this comes out!!!
  2. The t-shirt that said "waiting for you" really made me LOL!!!
  3. You mean "mad skills". Simply awesome!!!
  4. Second that!!! Great work as usual LTSO!!!
  5. I wish I had your skills. The sculpture looks so cool!!!
  6. Eh. What else is new. 226385[/snapback] Second that too. It'll be a lot worse, especially during the holidays.
  7. Whaaat?? When was this?? 310081[/snapback] Yeah!?
  8. Souce: Gamespot article If the PS3 is going to cost more than $350 (and industry people are prediciting $400), I might have to hold off on it. 310060[/snapback] Wow!!! That much for a PS3??
  9. So.....is Kevin taking pre-orders at the Valkyrie Exchange, or is this going to be a Big Bad Toy Store thing? In any case, sign me up... 307730[/snapback] So I guess we are not far away from GITS becoming reality.
  10. Damn!!! So many info that I've missed since my last visit!
  11. I'm back!! I feel sorry 4 u?!
  12. Angel's Fury


    Very beautiful indeed!!! (drooling) C'mon Yamato, what are you waiting for!!!!!!
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