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All my painted armored Valkyries


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Hello everyone ,

i repainted these Yamato / DX VFs based on movies and masterfile pics。 I love these paints and wanna share with you.

(English is not my nativelanguage,so sorry im not good at  it...)




first is VF-1A +AP     it appears in ps1 game “macross do you remember love ” 





next  VF-0S +AP   this VF0S is  an old YAMATO,i reformed it to fit this armor




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10 hours ago, Gabe Q said:

That is epic! It just goes to show, you can never have too many missiles! Seriously, just amazing. 

That armored vf-1a hangar scene you posted in the beginning would make a great diorama. 

Thankyou! glad to hear that. i love this hangar scene ,that's a really good game.

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8 hours ago, MacrossJunkie said:

Nice! I especially like the repainted 25 and 31 and the corresponding armors. Good use for a v1 25.

What modifications did you do to the Yamato VF-0S to fit the Arcadia reactive armor?


7 hours ago, claude grant said:

That's what I would like to know...

And yeah, absolutely great custom work on all of the above!

It's irreversible. just Cut off the outside part of the chest,and add a bump


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