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  1. Yeh yeh,very very angry!!!
  2. With VF-171 With VF-27 Over, thanks for watching.
  3. M Frontier AIF-7S M Galaxy AIF-9V Actually i must say this beam gun is not similar to anime ,this part comes from bandai 1/72 VF27 ,but when i found the model is not correct, i have already done it, so ,let it go...//...
  4. There are several kinds of X9 series in macross F ,very interesting but no kits。。I used DX AIF7S to paint the M Frontier type and the M Galaxy type ,but i dont like the luka's green ghost‘s colour,so didnt keep this type. I got the M+ GHOST X9 from my friend, a printed model.
  5. Nice tutorial! sir I want to do this for a long time,tankyou so much for sharing this!
  6. It's irreversible. just Cut off the outside part of the chest,and add a bump
  7. Thankyou!Xigfrid your products looks amazing !
  8. Thankyou! glad to hear that. i love this hangar scene ,that's a really good game.
  9. The last one VF-31A +AP it appears in the movie <Macross Δ: Passionate Walküre> only few scenes body is DX VF31F ,i copied the head of DX VF31A
  10. VF-25A +AP paint is based on <VARIABLE FIGHTER MASTER FILE VF-25 Messiah> VF25A is repainted by DX VF-25G Ver 1.0 and armored pack is also old type
  11. Hello everyone , i repainted these Yamato / DX VFs based on movies and masterfile pics。 I love these paints and wanna share with you. (English is not my nativelanguage,so sorry im not good at it...) first is VF-1A +AP it appears in ps1 game “macross do you remember love ” next VF-0S +AP this VF0S is an old YAMATO,i reformed it to fit this armor
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