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Nice artwork, Vepariga!

Does she use a special fighting technique in order to use that sword effectively? Gotta agree with Knight26, it does look impractical. The only viable way of attacking seems to be vertical slashes-still seems cumbersome, thoguh.

edit: Never mind, question answered. :) Dem Japanese and dem crazy anime weapons... :lol:

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well the anime itself is pretty impractical :p The fights are very fast paced so you cant really notice much of a refined technique except for maybe 'hoola-hooping' (made that up) it around her arms before slashing now and then. When the grip unfolds the blade extends as well so it becomes more wieldly. She does hold it with the blade facing downwards aswell,somehow it doesnt impact her fighting ability lol one of those outragous things. :)

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Kill la kill is an incredibly fun and stupidly cool anime, it almost made me forget how desperate I am for attack on titan's second season.

Cool Ryuko, Vepariga, love the look on her face, it's spot on character. Well done!

Heres's a couple of flip books I did on flipbook.in. The site is japanese speaking and I've no idea how to save these as gif files to post here so here are the links :



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Hello all! Long time, no post!

Anyhow, a quick one here... this is now (new revived after a summer break) twice-a-week comic, GAMERGEEKDADDY. I thought this one would be of interest as our secondary character (the first to talk) bears a striking similarity to someone we all know and (I hope) love. Link leads to the page itself, because I could use the hits.


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Thanks to Greg Lane for providing the character lineart for the next Spiral War Book, now I am working on the coloring and shading. I wish I was better at this and had more time to work on it. Any tips would be well appreciated.

Blazer gets the cover again:


This time Chris gets some cover love, and is actually dressed:


And of course Gokhead, a Drashig with reverse hinged knees:


oops had to fix the link

ANd the first test of the trio together:


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Thanks, the sales of the novel have not been as good as I would like, but then I have not been able to do much marketing the last few months, and have almost no budget to do so either. I've gotten most of my sales from Amazon, a little off itunes, none of B&N or the others that I have seen. So book 2 will start out as an amazon exclusive, will consider putting it onto kindle unlimited. What is really hurting sales right now is a lack of reviews. Reviews sell books and without them I am kind of up a creek.

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Wow I didn't realize there were/are so many talented artists on MW! Im loving the work I have seen so far. The marker mechas are really tops, I could never get that sort of consistency with markers, so that level of finish is extremely impressive from what is basically a comprehensive sketch medium. Bravo.

The character art in general is pretty outstanding. Human form was my weakness while in college and I shied away from developing myself in that area.

The modelled concepts including the transformers are super sweet, that is an area I think from now on into the future will be a norm in media.

I cant wait to see more guys, keep it coming.

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Do you want my honest opinion? Drop the Characters from the cover. They look horribly out of place and amateurish compared to the fighters and the background. In its place I would put a scene of devastation on the ground. Maybe a scene of a bombed out space colony buildings with fires raging, or a fighter crash site with wreckage strewn about.

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I'll take that into consideration RL1, but I do plan to make another pass or two on the coloring and shading of the characters, this was mostly a composition pass to check on general colors and configuration. Now I have taken some other suggestions; moved and scaled some stuff around.


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Latest update, shifted things about a little bit and recolored the characters, the are looking a little more tactical now. I may still go with the blue scheme, but the whole cover has a lot of blue at this point.


And the individual characters:




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Updated cover, some small changes, and the alternate armor color scheme based on the fighters.


I recommended that you put a slight outer glow around the characters and fighter jets. It's especially needed around the low contrast areas (dark blue uniforms and blue-black star field, etc).

Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://studiootaking.deviantart.com/art/Drones-To-The-Rescue-498367533

Specifically around the fighter jets. It doesn't have to be that much, actually. Just enough to differentiate the foreground (or main) elements from the background - and give your piece that extra bit of pop!

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I am working on that for the fighter re-render. I will post some various versions later. I also tried placing a slight gold overlay on the tactical character color scheme and that made them pop more for the cover.

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