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If the new design is better than the first, the it must be totally awesome instead of just awesome. :)

Anyhow, not totally sci-fi, but I just finished up an image that'll soon be on t-shirts and stuff to advertise my... "brand", I guess you'd call it.


You can read more about it here: http://wp.me/p277FG-jL

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Hey all- After having the baby (well, my wife did), things've been kind of hectic. However, a client of mine who has contracted me to create 7 robot designs for their service has had me working ona quick animated gif for the countdown page for their site launch. Here's a still from the "animation" (it is mostly animated by shading and color, very little actual movement).


The seven robots will each be loosely based on a different style of anime/manga robots, and I am sure once they are done you all will be able to spot the influences quickly ^_^.

Six of the seven each represent a package level for the service, and the seventh, OTUS, is the "leader" of the group.

More to come!

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Good work 505th!!!

Anime52k8- "doin' some artin'" is going to become my new phrase around the house. Good work!

I finished the animation.

The sound is kind of wonky because A) this is the first time I have ever done sound, and B) the sounds are all public domain files put together with a free sound editor.

The company is still working on the countdown page, but you can see an early live version here: http://www.otusanalytics.com/

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Very cool stuff - its nice to see the professionals at work here!

Heh, I'm pretty much self taught, so most of my work is scribbled in a little 9 by 10 cheapie Schnucks bought sketchbook with a bic pen. Just to stay out of the dark ages I'm teaching myself some computer editing though - the first two were given the technicolor treatment with colored pencils and touched it up a little with gimp. The last two are colored entirely in Gimp - probably a little overly stark and the anatomy on the ladies bug me (usually the necks aren't a problem, and with the Vampiress it works because she was actually hung at one point, but both just look so long necked its jarring. Wierd, not one of my usual problems.). Generally my style is more sci-fi, but since working on Eloquent Scars with a goth metal-head, I've been experimenting with dark fantasy. Fun times! Feedback and criticism is welcome (just try not to be TOO brutal, I'm learning). :)

post-1418-0-18227600-1335943084_thumb.jpg post-1418-0-18874300-1335943138_thumb.jpg

She eats twilight vampires for breakfast............Ondurauk: part dragon, part vulture, part spider - all nasty.

post-1418-0-98646300-1335943187_thumb.jpg post-1418-0-64635400-1335943888_thumb.jpg

Undead archangel, quite a story behind that . . . . Thuvaunu is the dark star, the sharks are its thoughts, and the lady is possessed.


(Just 'cuz I love this wierd little dude).


(Some of you saw this before - I'm actually revamping this but it isn't scanned yet. Just had to throw out a bit of mecha art, especially since the Oberon here was the first bit of mecha design I've done in years. Hopefully once I get my scanner behaving properly I can upload the updated version with the transformation).

There, hopefully that doesn't fill up too much space with the detritus from my scrambled brains!

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Thanks man! It means a lot to get positive input from another artist.

Heh, the Turbit was fun, even if putting in all those scales made my eyeballs cross. It's wierd how inspiration hits sometimes - I overheard people talking about organic food and couldn't help but comment that all organic means is carbon based (pencil lead, for example, is carbon based). This somehow lead to the notion of some bizzare chimerea trying to sell foods that nobody in their right mind would ever eat. Thus the Turbit hawking Frankensteins French Onion dip: rabbit tested, turbit approved!

Enjoy looking over your work as well, there are a LOT of talented people on this site. I'm really impressed with what you can do with color and texture. You seem to have a knack for catching the eye with warm and cool contrasts and then softening the image with really subtle shades and shifts. Makes a man want to play with markers more . . . .

Do you deal with much marker bleed with your work, and if so is there a way to correct it?

Looking forward to more art filling up this thread. It keeps us interested and motivated!

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I'm starting a new semi-regular webcomic that will alternate with We Call Them Freedom Fries​. It launches this Thursday, so be sure to come by and check it out!

I wonder if this comic is inspired by someone's everyday life after recently becoming a father... :ph34r:

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Wonderful image, love your hatching style - gives all of your work a sense of both energy and texture.

Visited Asplenia Studios and I have to say I like what I see. Very elegant and easy to navigate, subtle and well put together. Loved your latest Max and Milia image - good line variation (from the very fine lines in Max's helmet and clothing folds to the very thick ones on his outside arm). If there are any complaints, the background looks pixellated and grey compared to the very clean image of the duo and their valkyries. Also, while there is a lot of excellent line variation, somehow the lines seem to lose their crispness on the valks - did you enlarge them? It looks like they were drawn with a much thicker pen. I love their dynamism and you did a fantastic job at capturing that captivating anime rippling of light and shadow, but they seem to lack the fine internal finishing lines you lavished on Max's uniform. Nonetheless, I love the compositional choices, the subtle use of gradients, and the very human character in their expressions. Lighting everything from below and matching it up with the thruster wash gives a sense of drama and intensity to the image- it also make Milia look darn imposing . . . . Always good to see a little Macross art!

The Dashbots were a great primer for the mecha enthusiast - a little Megazone, a dash of Mazinger, some Tetsujin 28, Gundam, . . . . very playful and very well done. You managed to get a great balance between silliness (The little guy holding a mechanical pencil, or the endearingly clunky thunderhead) and simply cool (The sleek powerslide and the very Queadlun-reau/five star story Callidus). Again, I love how you handle reflection on your mecha - it flows along their form in a very natural and still dynamic fashion, giving a lot of movement to even a static pose.

Well enough blabbing for the moment - I do tend to go on.:)

Fantastic work - looking forward to seeing what else gets posted up here!

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Thanks for the thoughts.

Actually, everything in the Max and Milia is reduced in size from the original. The difference in linework between the characters and the valks was intentional, although for good or bad is up to the viewer. :)

The Dashbots were a lot of fun to create, and there is still more to come with them. I'm glad you picked up the two main sources for Callidus, as they are based on two of my all-time favorite mecha (along with NT-1 Alex and Cruise Chaser Blassty)!

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What the American concept designers of today lack in robotic designs, their fellows from the 70s spaceship department had in abundance. The Buck Rogers Starfighter, Cylon Basestars, X-Wings (Basically everything from the drawing boards of Johnson/McQuarry) and the Syd Mead stuff are timeless classics and excellent examples how far you can get with basic shapes.

I don't think that "form follows function" or an engineering background produce better designs. Is the Metal Gear Rex a functional design? Not really; but on an artistic level it produces a maximum of expression from a well-balanced composition of basic, blocky, mechanical elements.

And this is because Kawamori is still a product of the old guard. He studied aerospace design before he even started on anime, and to this day plans out al lhis transformations in lego long before anything is modeled.

I think it's more so that Kawamori designs a plane that just happens to turn into a giant robot. Example vf-25 plane:gorgeous. Gerwalk: eh not too bad. Battleroid: looks kinda skinny.

Maybe Transformers (cartoons) isn't your cup of tea. But they've always maintained the proportional transformations from vehicle or animal into human robots, albeit with small help of anime magic. But the movies made threw that out the window with nonsensical millions of parts just moving around to get a robot with hips and abs (so they can be sexy???)

I see Bay-formers (don't like that term) as soldiers wearing camouflage . Or humanoid first then alt mode.

That American Old School Hollywood ego goes across the board. It goes into casting, storytelling, and even in music, etc. Where they want to take a pure foreign material that someone else made a hit movie of but are too afraid to take it as a whole because people might get "confused" by it. You can't tell a "ninja/samurai" story or maybe even a "Hindu" spiritual journey without your obligatory fish out of water western character to see the story through his/her eyes. It's not like I, growing up in California can ever understand a movie like "City of God" with Portuguese subtitles. It's takes someone crazy like Mel Gibson to do Apocalypto. it's not a great story but I thought it was pretty ballsy to do it like he did and would love to see more movies like that.

I'm just going to say thank the "hipsters" and ratings board for defining movies for everyone.

I think you see it happening in Automotive design as well, just compare the latest GM, Ford or Chrysler offerings with German automakers - the Americans have a "ego" design sense where fashion and trends take precedence over form and function.

Versus the europeans need to make every vehicle Nürburg-Ring ready. To me all of aston martins current offerings all look the same.
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