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So you like the single fighter version then. I could swap the logo around, not sure how that would look though, and why?

Well as far as the logo goes I'm not sure why but my gut is telling me the spiral would look better on the other side. Maybe because it would add a bit of punctuation to the title? It can't hurt to try it can it?

As for the single fighter I meant I really like the v2 single one. the three fighters always looked too busy and the positioning never seemed right. the first single fighter looks odd like its going to crash into the characters and blocks the skull too much. In the v2 single fighter I would lower fighter to over the skulls nose and make it just a little bit smaller. that slight tilt it has gives it the impression of it manuvering in combat, and it being in front of the skull gives it a death is coming in its wake air.

Finally I just wanted to go back to my first critisism from the other day about the characters. They look fine now with the more cell shaded rocky background and darker colors. definatly blends much better. :)

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Update of the single fighter version. I pulled it down lower. I want to the skull to remain a background feature not the most prominent part. Also because it was suggested to try reversing the logo I thought I would try that. I think I prefer it the original way. Thoughts?


logo reversed


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So Tovette over on sci-fi meshes posted some concept sketches for how I could improve the cover. These are pretty rough right now. I did them while in the vanpool heading home. But I did some mockups based on Tovette's sketches. I haven't added the swooshes yet because I need to figure out how, and how to not make them look like garbage.

His sketches:


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I like the third arrangement the best. The only thing I'd work on is that the perspective makes the other two characters look small. The alien guy on the right should be bigger than a typical human, yet, at a glance, it looks like he's just smaller. There might be some kind of trick to employ to show the viewer that he's just standing a bit farther back and that's why he looks smaller.

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I moved the temporary fighters around (will rerender later) and moved some other bits around too, I also lightened the armor and added a glow around the characters. THoughts?

Red nebula (Suggested elsewhere)


Put the groundplane back, not sure if it should remain.


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While I am not wild about the red it is getting the best feed back. Anyway, I reset the fighter scene and added them back in, two different options here, with maybe some sub-options. I do plan to add some engine exhausts, and maybe course trails. Thoughts?





I am thinking maybe the lead from option 2 with the trail from option 1.

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Awesome stuff, Kurisama! Wish I could afford Maya so I can GoZ between it and ZBrush for a more convenient workflow. Good news is, ZB 4R7 has some pretty nifty hard surface low poly brushes, which is practically a godsend for me.

Still, I'm starting to get the hang of importing and exporting between Sketchup (almost always had to do some "pre-topo'ing" before exporting) and ZBrush.

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Oh nice work! It's very unique, not something I think I've seen before. Well done!

I get impressions from the design that are varied. I feel like there are some familiar elements from the Mehve in Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind, the style and motif of something like Bioshock and maybe even some retro-futurism from David Lynch's old Dune film.

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The story and designs for my fictional novel, ZeroG, are much farther along now, and I thought I would post some of it here.

If I can manage to get it published, I would like it to have a section called 'mechanical files' in the middle or back. But, its a tough market and it may never see the light of day. Ether way its been a really cool process to create a unique universe.

Props again to Lonely Soldier Boy who helped a lot with the mechanicals. And FrothyMug helped me with the Caliber and Scimitar mecha names. MrMarch said he might help create some fake specs too --- its nice having some much talent on hand at MW.

The two main hero mechs are Brawler and Caliber types.

On the specs, I was reading Appleseed Book I not long ago, and noticed they called out the Guges at under 1.5 tons?? Do you think the Brawlers could be under a ton? Or is 1.2 the least realistic possible? Caliber 1.9 tons? I'm just guessing, that's why I could use some input . . .



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Thanks guys. Here are some basic specs I was working on, but I'm not very technical:


Height: ? meters
Weight: 1.2 metric tons ?

Powerplant: Zero Point (something, something cool name here ) Generator
Flight Capability: Back-mounted anti-gravity pod; 2 x main nozzle variable angle thrusters, 2 x waist thrusters, 2 x foot thrusters
Hover mode 12 minutes, full atmospheric flight 15 seconds
ZPG cool-down period after hover mode: 5 sec, full flight 20 sec Maximum velocity: 60 km per hour atmospheric ? Space?
Cruising range: ? km
Armor: Multiple hybrid type ? coating; maximum thickness 250mm

Equipment and design features:

The way the flight works in the book, the Zero Point Generator is so small in these units, it cannot sustain flight indefinitely. So power has to build up. You hover 5 feet off the ground and use the thrusters to blast forward. After so long you descend. If you go full flight you only get 15 seconds.

The other two main characters have Brawlers as well, and here is the modification sequence . . .



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Thanks Mr.March! I'm very rusty too - been forced to pull my finger out (tell me that isn't just Aussie slang?) and go all out, doing a catch up semester between the main semester so I can continue second semester... U__U It's tiring but i'm at least enjoying the work.

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