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"Dead or alive, you are coming with me!"

I wonder if they'll reissue ED-209 again. That was one of those pieces that I let get away from me...

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Now, where's little plastic Clarence Boddicker? "Barbies leave!"

Unless I'm mistaken, shouldn't it be, "Bitches leave!"?

Mind you, the last time I watched the movie was when I was still a kid when it originally aired on TV (1980's).

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More importantly, what will the new Robocop look like...

Anyway, I just don't think they should remake Robocop. It might end up like the new Conan movie.

You know, I never considered that they'd change the suit design, or worse yet, completely CG it.

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There is no amount of WTF?!?! that I can use to express my feelings on this. The metal body of Robocop helped to define what exactly a full-body cyborg should be. I want that metalness, not the slender prothstesies (?) from Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Ghost in the Shell.

Exactly, though I'm sure the rights to robocop at this point are cheaper than the ones to a gits movie...

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