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  1. Bartholomew Fatima called. It seems he wants his Yddrasil sand criuser back. Hopefully Manga will get their hands on this one. Here's to seeing this one on my 360 in a few years.
  2. Soviets and Cubans. Although I don't see why the Cubans would be involved in an invasion, because after we kicked both them and the borscht-eaters out, we'd go balls-out on Cuba, commiting militaricide going all the way to Castro for payback. If the Soviets didn't like that, well f*ck 'em.I don't see a remake of Grand Theft Auto's war documentary movie going far in this day and age.
  3. Well in other video game news I just saw on XBox live that there will be a new Counter-Strike game. Nice to see a game grow from a community mod of the original Half-Life. And in Valve-related news: For all you Achievement sl*ts *ahem* hunters out there, pick up a copy of The Orange Box. It has a slew of Achievements, most of them worth 5 gamerscore .
  4. The character's name is Jack Dalton, played by Bruce McGill. Real funny guy; he crackes me up every time I see him on Rizolli & Isles (he plays Corsack (sp.?; I'm in the process of reading the novels, so I'll update his character's name later).I used to watch the show when it was on the air, and my sister totally loved the show. Years ago I wondered why Dana Elcar's character was using a different name after the first episode of the series before I learned that the network (I think it was USA) actually aired the pilot during the syndication run. Talk about a "duh!" moment . Oh and when I finally found out what his first name was, I really didn't care, mainly because one of Austrailia's best musicians is named Angus .
  5. Well, Manga is now airing the subbed version of the Space Battleship Yamato movie, which I guess is a condensed version of the "Journey to Iscandar" series. I might give that a try after watching the rest of what's on my plate.
  6. This is video game related. I've been recently been watching Rage Quit from Rooster Teeth. Funny stuff. I'll post more when I have time.
  7. Man, I used to watch VanDread when it was Encore Wam! years ago. I loved the series, too bad they didn't do a third series, I would've watched it, too. Too bad Comcast dropped the channel a few years ago when Houston aquired them for their cable service and dropped Time Warner.
  8. Well it looks like I'm going to have to wait to see "The New Voyager", since Manga hasn't added it to their lineup as of yet. Hopefully they'll add it by the time I'm through with the second series. Thanks for the heads up about "Farewell Yamato" (that's how Manga has the tile), Keith, I'll do my best to skip that (well, at least until I'm though with the rest of the franchise). Matsumoto, huh? I thought the style looked familiar. So is Yamato in the same universe as Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999 or is it a seperate story altogether?
  9. Okay from seeing the capsule of "Farewell, Yamato", I have a feeling that movie is either "The Comet Empire" cut down into a movie or they expanded "Farewell Yamato" into a second series, so I'll probably watch the second season instead. I have no idea where "Be Forever Yamato" and "Final Yamato" falls in the timeline, so I'll wait for input from you guys before I watch those. I'm still having a blast watching the first season of Star Blazers. Watching "Journey to Iscandar" I have the feeling that the Americans only changed the names of the characters and not the overall plot. I still would like to see the dub of the original Japanese script, though, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. Unless that has already happened that is.
  10. I have a question related to the Colorado tragedy. Have the police finally gained entry into that f*cktard's apartment? From what I've heard, he had it booby-trapped with explosives to such a scale they had to send a robot into it. My condolonces go to the families. One of the victims was an aspiring television sportscaster who moved there from San Antonio, TX.
  11. Okay, I knew that the original Ghost in the Shell was a movie released in the theatres, I was insinuating that the director's cut was an OVA. Second, Bolar Wars was also not aired in Houston, Texas, so I had no idea it was released stateside (having dial-up until a few years ago also didn't help me in getting the news).
  12. I second that. I especially loved how the Hellboy crew told Tambor's character to "Take This Job and Shove It" in the "The Golden Army". I would absolutely love to see a third movie. This proves that you can't really say "no" to make a wish without looking like a total ass, can you ? (That last comment was made entirely tongue-in-cheek, mind you)
  13. I don't know how true this is, but I heard a rumor from my XBox live friends that EA is going to be jacking the price of their online pass for thier games by 100% (from 800 MS points (about $10.00 U.S.) to 1600 points (about $20.00 U.S.), further screwing over gamers who either buy their games used, or share their games with others (two players can play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer using both disks in different systems). I'm sorry, but if this is true, then E.A. can kiss my ass as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Well I installed the Manga app onto my 360 recently, and was suprised to see StarBlazers on it. When I saw the secondary titles for them I thought that they were movies. Imagine how pleased I was when I clicked on Iscander and found that it was the complete seres. Then I clicked on the other two folders and found that Manga has finally released Space Battleship Yamato season 3 here in the States under the title "The Bolar Wars". From what I've seen of Iscander, it's the original American Dub that I know and love, though I would've loved to see a dubbing of the original Japanese script translation. Maybe I was about seven at the time, but I never noticed that IQ-9 was such an arrogant S.O.B. when I originally saw the series. And the enemy knowing exacly the name of the force they're fighting with alomst no inlel, well I chalk that up to the American writers trying to cater to a young audience. I'm also happy to announce that Manga is also airing both Yamato movies directly translated (I have to check to see if they're subbed or dubbed, though). Other Manga items of note: They have the remake of the original Ghost in the Shell OVA (it's probable a director's cut), both Stand Alone Complex movies (I'm guessing The Laughing Man is a summary of the first series) and the entire Stand Stand Alone Complex series. They haven't released 2nd. Gig as of yet, though.
  15. Well it looks like Vulture Man, neutral as he may be, is as conniving as his first series version. First he tries to win a aerospace race against Tigra by cheating, and then, well, I won't say it without giving too much away, Let's just say that I hope the Wily kids bring in the cavalry to save the day. Although I do think Pumyra did deserve what she got for the stunt she pulled, if the punishment was a tad extreme.
  16. Can you supply a better link? I'm asking because when I tried the video in the link you provided, it crashed my version of I.E..
  17. There's a trick for Xenogears, although is does entail opening the tray to your Playstation to switch disks. You boot up the Making of Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete disk, wait about 20 seconds then you switch the disk for either Xenogears disk. When you do that, every cutscene plays, including the end credits. I still have my black label copy of the game, and I'm never giving that thing up. I still hum the overworld theme to myself every once in awhile. The genus of Chrono Trigger still strikes gold. I just wish they would find an engine that works and stick with it to tell the whole Xenosaga story (hell, I loved the original engine for Xenogears, but too bad that Square probably wouldn't give it up; Namco would've made a killing instead of killing off the franchise).
  18. Now if they can fit the Y-rack grenade launchers on the back of the thing, they'd be all set. Other than that, the suit's pretty good.
  19. My thoughts on Mumm-Ra. His main weakness (both series) is direct stellar light (there is no direct stellar light in his ship for the reboot version of Mumm-Ra, so he can stay in his true form indefinately). This is a guess on my part, but I think all of his power is stored in his helmet (both series again), so the key to truly defeating him is to get him to transfrom and to wait for an opportuinty to remove the helmet. That's a tall order, though, since the only way to get him into his true form is at night when he's most powerful. I don't know of you can really battle him at dawn and twilight. His generals (in the new series) are there to bolster his own formidable strength, as well as to do his dirty work in the daytime. I hate to say it, but Slythe is the most sane of them all in the new series. Atticus is the sadistic brute of the new series (evil for evil's sake), and the Jackalman one is a pure and unadulterated psychopath. It would be hard for Groon to escape the Astral Plane, so he's out. It's nice to have a stumbling block thrown the Thundercat's way every once in a while (more like a kidney-shaking speed-bump this time), keeps them more driven. I see Lion-O haveing a concubine in the near future , because Pumyria is really warming up to him. Hell, he saved her life at least 2 times last episode.
  20. I have a little Linkin' Park that I like: "Waiting for the End" (great video) "Let it Go" (I know that it's not the real title, I can't remember it for the moment) A little Drowning Pool: "Enemy" (God, does that NA video kick ass, I YouTube it all the time on My XBox 360) I do have one thing to say about "The Mob Rules", though... "TO THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS!!!" B))
  21. I see what a lot of people meant about the ending being a real letdown (I saw 2 of the three endings). My only problem with the game is that after finishing the game, I got kicked back to my last quicksave that I made right before the final assault on the Cerberus base. It would've been nice to traipse around the galaxy afterward, like you did in Mass Effect 2, but after seening the ending of 3, sadly, that's not the case. I also liked the nod Bioware gave when they chose who to do the voice of Stargazer. I have to say that one of my favorite parts of the game is when you see Tali getting totally ripped after the events on Horizon. I like it that Bioware made her a funny drunk. She does have some funny things to say during that part if you're romancing her.
  22. I figured as much. The stragety guide was rather vague on that point. I just thought that everyone was before the turrent minigame (which is a blast, I have to say, too bad there are no consequenses to it, though; if you let too many husks pass, it's game over), and that i missed something. Good to see that I didn't miss anything. Thanks. Oh and I heard a rumor that Bioware is giving the ending a major overhaul because so many people flooded not only their mailbox but EA's with complaints. I don't know if it's been confirmed yet or not.
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