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  1. I love this show. Thanks for posting the new trailers.
  2. On a dirt road, 100%! And yes, WAY faster than the 4c, but I really liked the 4c. Best value in a sports car for sure. It was like a 360 Ferrari that ran like a Honda Civic and was half the cost. I highly recommend that car.
  3. HAHA, thanks. I invent medical, therapy, and fitness devices. My first invention is called OsteoStrong. Franchaise clinics that my invention. 130 clinics in 8 countries. Tony Robbins is my business partner in that. Then I invented a therapy/fitness device that is doing extremely well. I use the Lambo in the advertising on social media so I figured out a way where the Lambo pays me, as opposed to me paying for the Lambo. Here is my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjaquish/ Also if any of you are interested in health and fitness I have a book coming out that got endorsements from NASA and the Miami HEAT (I do their strength programing) https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com/book/?fbclid=IwAR29dOwX-_AHEYTgGT3TGjt9vg0zdtgism7NOghd37S82NKxWH_HpGV1eWE
  4. Lambo let me drive their winning Sebring car: (track cars are insane, and I never thought I would drive anything that be as insane as my Lambo)
  5. Wow, got it. Sounds like the Ewoks movie... Who needs Jedi or Empire, or rebels... Just Ewoks:
  6. Dwayne Johnson is been in some really bad films lately. Maybe he just wants to retire, and cash in as fast as possible, but I am 100% he isn't reading these scripts and being like, "wow this is the next Bridge on the River Kwai."
  7. Thanks for letting me know, I will skip it. Ny new GF is so sad there is no Macross sequel worth seeing. She loved the show, and super loved DYRL, but I just can't show her anything else I guess. M+ is ok I guess but not really about the larger plot, which is what she liked.
  8. I spend years raging about M7. Im over it now (I am actually extremely calm in general now), but just sad that this is the state of Macross. The Macross legacy is like the Terminator films, just exponentially worse by the sequel.
  9. HAHA, yeah, you are on the same page with Duke Togo. Glad to see the die hard people still here.
  10. Ah, yep, that's my problem, I knew it was not a word but a symbol. Duke called and told me it was coming, then called again and said to skip it. Sad. Happy to be back, I was really expecting more activity here. Did anything happen? Or is everyone on Facebook discussing this now?
  11. I think fans of these things just have more disposable income. In the 80s it was our parents money, so they had to be "toy prices" but now we are all adults, and its like "F' It... I love Optimus Prime, so I am gonna get the $300 version of him." I have certainly been gone a while. I don't think I posted in 10 years.. Just busy with work, but I never stopped being a Macross Fan. A few guys from MW called me a couple years back and told me about a new show, but I never caught it. Sounded kinda lame though... M7ish.
  12. Well, at this point nothing could be worse than the last 3 Star Wars movies. Transforming turtle tentacle sex, sounds great.
  13. I do! I missed this place. This is like the first few days I've had a significant break from work in a while
  14. Awesome. TF toys now are amazing. Wish they were like that in the 80...
  15. Hey David, I am so out of the loop, I don't even know the name of the latest show, nor can I figure it out from reading MW this afternoon.
  16. I haven't changed my opinion in 10 years. I want a shot for shot remake of the original TV show, but with DYRL refinement technical detail and far better animation. Nobody would know the audio is over 30 years old. I think a whole new generation would love it. Love that MW is still here.
  17. Wrong Agent. I am the one with the 4C. I have not taken many pictures. Here is a new one though: Made a license plate with photoshop and it passes! Also took one at muscle beach recently... The picture of me is even more interesting. I am as veiny as my erection. A few years some chick on the board said I should be the next conan... I may actually be ready for that.
  18. Lotus makes AWESOME cars if you are into street legal cars that are borderline race cars/go karts... I loved my Lotus for the 3 years I had it. Was my daily driver and every drive was like playing Mario Kart. I don't think there should be any touch screens in cars. I also don't think there should be cup holders in cars. When you drive, the car should be an extension of your being.
  19. After having tracked my Lotus, I had a few close calls that will kept me from tracking my 911 and I won't track my Alfa. Unless you buy throwaway cars, its not worth the risks. Track days now consist of this kind of thing: http://www.andrettiracing.com/worldchamp-driving-experience/ many tracks do something like this. Way more fun driving someone else's car hard.
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