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New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets


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Hmmmm, I think I can live with the M911 and extra logo kite, that's not big of a deal I'm not that much of a purist. But I also can't accept just a helmet and NOT want an entire flight suit of my own....which is entirely possible with today's costuming techniques!!!! ........I'm just to lazy.

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cool, got an e-mail from Masei:

Thanks for your pre-ordering Macross Helmets.

We are finally ready to ship them out within 10 days on Dec 20-24th; the ETA is around Dec 28th to Jan 5th.

We have Red/Yellow/Blue Macross Helmets to ship out.

If you order different and special colors, then it may cost 2-3 weeks more.

Due to the requests from many pre-ordering customers, we revised the graphics with "M911"

and it is why it was delayed for one month more. Please go to our facebook page to see the final products

and liners & pads.

Also, for any new orders, US$359.00 including shipping fee is necessary.

Also, this helmet purchase comes with a clear shield only.

Now, we have silver and blue (or rainbow) chrome shield.

If you want the tinted shield (silver or blue chrome), it is US$45 only for each. Let me know.

Guess removing the M911 decal is one of the reasons why it got delayed.

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