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New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets


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Based on the pictures I have seen here so far, I think I have the "honor" of having the helmet that sustained the most damage due to the poor shipping packaging. :angry:

I was going to post comparison pictures between Yamato and Masei helmet after the issue is fixed. But then I think members here probably want to see how they look in different views and don't care about the cracks and scratches. So here they are.

Oh, pardon the watermark. I added that so that people seeing my pictures (being taken) in "Other Places" will come to this thread in MW and see the whole picture.

Front View


Back View


Right Side View. The v2 1/60 Strike VF-1A is there for scale.


Left Side View


Top View. You can really see how much the top visor on the Yamato is bigger than the Masei.


Here is some more pictures of the Yamato helmet in an earlier post:


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Thanks for the pictures. While Yamato's design is more accurate I think the sizes of some the parts are a bit off. From certain angles the Masei helmet looks better even with the visible nuts and bolts.

Now what are we going to do about chest armor? Is there any solution besides cardboard and duct tape?

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I think the Masei will look better (or closer to the DYRL) if the top visor is just a little longer. It is good that it is a real helmet though. If I ever going to autocross again (I no longer have the RX-8 and don't foresee I will get another sports car anytime soon :( ), I can use this helmet. :D

BTW, I would love to see a cardboard/duct tape chest armor :p

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It is a joke.

Ideally you'd have your now workshop and do the real thing. Not all of us have a workshop, machines or knowledge how to do it right. People have used cheap materials like cardboard and tape to create both amazing looking or horrible looking props.

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Anyone successfully taken off the nozzle connectors, intentionally, without breaking them? How are they attached?

FYI - Masei offered me A kit including "top shade and the back side cover.. and lower cheek part.. not including the open face helmet."

$25 shipped. In 'within 1 month'

If this happens in a reasonable time. I am pretty happy with it.

I can replace the broken top shade, and will probably replace the other parts as they all had some minor paint scuffs from the shipping (not no dents or breaks on the other parts than the shade). Im thinking they will probably come through. They did come through with the helmets.

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2ND helmet shipping today. Extra packing guaranteed.

But it'll take another 3-4 weeks for them to make extra visors....really?

Did they ship your second helmet AND the extra visor in one box or do you have to wait for ANOTHER box in 3-4 weeks?

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I missed out on the pre-order, but I got one on eBay and just picked it up from the post office.

First off, the outer box was in good shape (aside from a slight smell). The helmet itself was wrapped in 4-5 layers of bubble wrap. The only imperfections on the helmet were two small sections on the visor where the black masking was chipped/missing (the underlying red visor itself was not damaged). There was also one small scuff on one of the nozzles, but both were firmly attached. All very minor, especially compared to what others have reported, so it seems the bubble wrap did its job.

Other good news aside from the better packaging was that it shipped really fast - 8 days total.

My only complaint is my fault, not theirs - I wish I had asked for a XXL instead of a XL. Apparently I have a larger head than I thought.

Hopefully this is all a good sign for those waiting for replacements.

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I was defending Masai and Luesama <sp because I honestly believed this was a pet project by some guy that was a macross fan.

But honestly, at least wait a couple months for the guys that pre-ordered to loose interest before you start liquidating overstock on ebay.


Charging more than shipping for replacements.

Not cool!

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Here are the links for helmets in masei helmet website here


I bought from there and I received it in perfect condition.

US$339.00 including shipping fee... to everywhere.

I emailed luusama. He said those macross helmets in eBay are returned items or scratched ones.

We talked about this, dude. Don't pretend you aren't affiliated with Masei. It's an insult to our intelligence.
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To be more constructive to colonknight, to us you are Masei. When you come into this thread saying you "bought from here" and are very happy, it doesn't mean much to us since you are the only one that is apparently really happy and without problems. You aren't like the rest of these paying customers who had problems with damage and quality. Why should I trust an account that uses the same handle as Masei's Skype account? There's only two accounts that post like this here and that's colonknight and luusama.

Just come in here and be truthful that you are with Masei and they are doing everything they can to fix the packaging on all future orders so they don't get damaged. I'd accept that.

When you word it the way you did, to me it sounds like you're lying. That basically tells me not to bother doing business with Masei so I may no longer be on the fence.

Edit: Sorry to the rest of you guys for laboring on this. This type of stuff really chaps my ass.

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Is paying $1000mfor a Yamato Max Genius 1:1 reasonable? I got a Masei helmet and it fits and is nice and all but not the real thing. I guess the question is should I pay a grand for an original or will there soon be a reissue from Yamato in the future?

Maybe wait and see how this turns out....


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Anyone successfully tried to replace the clear visor with a rounded one?

I am looking at these:

(Not linking in case there's a rule against it..)


(check the blue, and see how it has the plastic part to make it stick out more on the top? that might look better on the helmet if all fits reasonably well..

also looking at

hydron - anti scratch flip shield

and hardest probably to adapt..


I've done a lot of helmet modding for my 501st legion (built a vader helmet and stormtrooper) so I think its doable if the rounded plastic comes to me as raw material..

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