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  1. OK, Now that ARCADIA releases the VF-5000 I'm sure I just have to wait a few years for the VA-3!!! 😜
  2. Thank you so much!! I will try to follow all the steps, especially have a good time.
  3. Could you share a tutorial for working resin models? Because seeing how you did it, I did not think it was so complicated and I wanted to put together a Lancer model that I have saved. Certainly impressive work.
  4. A few months ago I have been seeing publications of I'm interesting mecha toys. And I must say that along with others that have come out, I especially like the latter, which I am sure will add to my collection when it is released. I hope you adjusted this post.
  5. Check this people!!! https://showzstore.com/52toys-megabox-mb-02-aliens-power-loader_p2183.html?fbclid=IwAR0p0CRX3G4DHwyzJslVFGDAUhViNni9n1ZsGI5kO5zWyHEhiBvQBLzQDAE
  6. My house, San Luis, Argentina.
  7. This is the only mail I have, info@anime-export.com, You should make the payment only to Paypal but also to the card for duplication of payment. I hope it serves you
  8. Sorry I thought it was appropriate to put it here. If the administrator is kind enough to relocate it, I'll appreciate it
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