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  1. If it happens to be for that price, include me I hope some day you do the VA-3. please! please!
  2. OHHH Lord!!!! please !! please if you do this with the VF-9, what would you do if you did the VA-3 ... Give the Invader a chance
  3. I past for now
  4. Damm, wtf.!!
  5. Each time the chapters are more engaging. Excelsior!!!!
  6. tenes varias te paso algunas amiami.com http://www.anime-export.com/search?search=macross hlj.com esas te vas a entretener bastante buscando en las distintas escalas que busques. Saludos desde San Luis.
  7. VF-0S premium version eeeeeee....
  8. GREEEEEEENNNNN!!!! snif, snif, snif...
  9. I was also disappointed in the sale.... this time there's really nothing interesting even in the supplies.
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