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  1. That's beautiful I got several Roden WW1 birds but haven't built any of em yet. You plan on adding the riging wires? G1
  2. Hibiki, I did post it in the paper VF-1 thread When I get the canopy colored clear green and glued on I'll post more pix. I'll put the new pix on this thread. G1
  3. Damn!!!! Janx figured it out Did the final assembly last night. Only some minor touch ups and canopy coloring to go now G1
  4. Hello All, I've been painting the prototype as it was too much work to let stay a white model. I prepped the surface with Mr. Surfacer 500 and then started laying on the color coats. All the panel lines were added with a sharpened mechanical pencil and some details were added by using the base textures as decals. As Janx mentioned the proto and the current ver differ some so I had to make some adjustments since I was using his current ver. with textures as templates. I'll post more when it's completed. I just have to finish the stand and apply the clear coat to the sub assemblies before final assembly. G1
  5. F4V, Your build is abaslootly beautimus :D I started a downgrade build a while back but a lack of recourse detail put it on hold for a bit. Master Janx's paper model gave me much insight on the conversion and now your buld give me even more so I think I will have to re-visit that build soon I posted a few pix of the paper VF-2S here on my paper VF-1 thread, http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...70&start=70 Making it convert may not be a bad idea due to how much work is involved in building it but my only objection to transforming paper models is the plastic ones get floppy after a few transforms and pape rones tend to get floppy before it's even done That's the only reason I scrapped the idea of making the paper VF-1 transform. G1
  6. Oh Janx is making a better Legioss/Alpha that buuilds all 3 modes to but that to is a backlog project I've got something in a planning phase to that will be revealed when I have something to show It will have to wait till after the holidays before I can get into it heavy. G1
  7. Yep that VF2SS is the only prototype so far. Janx is done with the tweaking I believe and it needs textures now. He was also working on the VF2JA but that was a while ago. So many other projects pile up on him and he gets bogged down. I should try to jolt him back on those 2 I have an idea how to A bit of warning for those who would be interested in the VF2SS paper model. It incorporates a lot of advanced paper aircraft building techniques. The VF-1 models shown in this thread as advanced as they are they are still a moderate level being advanced only by the enhancement parts. The VF2SS is considerably harder to build. Urashiman, as TC said the VF2SS like the VF-1 paper models can be made into any one of the modes but they are not designed to transform. Now there is a gentelman on the paper forum who was making his VF-1 Model transform. While I was working on the design I considered a transformation gear package but decided against it. The plastic transforming models get floppy after a few transforms and the paper would probalby be floppy before finishing the build I deemed it not worth the effort but don't let that thought stop anyone who may want to tackle it For those interested in building some of the papercrafts be sure to check out the paper model fourm. Join up, introduce yourselves, have a look round and I assure you, you WILL be amazed at what can be done with paper :D I was seriously skeptical myself at 1st but I left that opinion behind, WAY behind!!! In the download section you will find many more Macross paper models such as Mr. TC's SDF-1 and small version Fan Racer. Ltla has made a Lancer II and an SD VF-1D (Gerwalk mode) avaliable. I want to see some builds of your models there and here Oh Janx also has a Legioss/Alpha Fighter in fighter mode avaliable there to See pix G1
  8. Opps hold on I forgot there was 2 bottom pix from the build thread I did at the paper forum. The shots were before the GU-11 was added so you get a good shot of the bottom here For those interested here's the build thread. You have to sign up to see the pix but like here it's free. http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/figurin...ie-trainer.html Link to the Oberth thread so you can see Ltla's work. This is his 3rd design, he learns VERY fast on 3D. http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/figurin...-destroyer.html G1
  9. Looks like I've been recruited for another test build of more Macross paper goodness. This time the Oberth Destroyer designed by the creator of the Lancer 2 and SD VF-1D models found at the paper model forum G1
  10. Thanks guys for bottom pix you'll have to ask Codam as I've already sent it to him I do have another couple in line to build but have a few projects in the way ATM. Trying to finish another Christmas build but the recipent is a member here to so I won't reveal it till he's gotten it. One of those builds you will definently be albe to see the bottom of for what I have planned for it Ha ha Valks do look good in most any medium. Have you guys seen the VF-2S paper model designed by Janx? I built a prototype for him while back but he's not done with the final product yet. G1
  11. For those interested, the Fan Racer designed by Thunderchild is avaliable at papermodelers. Also Janx uploaded the Battroid Armor. GO get em G1
  12. Glad you likes, building a model with a visible cockpit and leaving it a colored canopy is just against my religion Ooooo Monster, got any pix? I've seen some pictures of the paper monster kit but had no idea where to get it from. G1
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