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  1. Different KS - I believe you're referring to the Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures game KS by Palladium games. There's a Battletech videogame KS that caused the lawsuit from HG. And finally there's the infamous Robotech Academy KS started and then later killed by HG because it didn't get funded.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_finger
  3. akteon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Late to the voting, but here's my take: 1. Delta 02 2. Delta 01 3. Delta 05 4. Delta 04 5. Delta 03
  4. Awesome news! Thank you for your efforts!
  5. akteon

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Well the trailer did mention the "tactical sound unit"
  6. Well I have to reorganize my display area to make room for them, so for the time being staying MISB
  7. Both the 25F and the armor came from davidwhangchoi here on the forums. Thanks!
  8. So is the "tactical sound unit" the valk fighter group or does it refer to the Walk├╝re singing girls?
  9. Simply incredible ideas, Yeti. It's awesome to see how quickly you go from concept to prototype.
  10. Congrats. I was looking at them a week or so back, as cool as they are I just couldn't justify the price since it'd just be a toy for me. I could definitely see you putting one to work though.
  11. Yeti did you get a Glowforge per chance?
  12. Oh wow, that black paint scheme is beautiful
  13. That's awesome Yeti ... solves the forward swept wing debate for me at least. As for the symbol, I did a google image search and the closest thing was the hood symbol for a Nissian Silvia I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I *really* hope this doesn't mean the theory it's about racing is correct. I just want a big intergalactic war, is that too much to ask?
  14. Here's the symbol in question. A lightning bolt? An 'S'? Squadron 69? It's on the tail fin and also just below the cockpit. There's also a yellowish blob closer to the nose that could possibly be an SMS logo? but I really doubt it.
  15. A good way to celebrate the start of autumn Alto (sorry for the crappy pic, was in a hurry before work and didn't have time to take them out of the bubble wrap)
  16. I'm glad I wasn't too far off, I always said Mos-Pi-Dah ... though sometimes I've heard Moss-Pi-Duh, but I did go to college in the south
  17. 5. No, barring a steep discount or another game changer.
  18. I got lucky with my last two grade B items, but others have pointed out it's not always the case. Still a great price for a 25G, can't wait to see your pics when you get it
  19. If you use the shortened https://youtu.be/ link URL then it won't automatically embed for you. However using the full https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= link URL will embed. Awesome review, I echo what you said at the end about so many options seemed intimidating but once you have the stand in your hand, you really see all the creative possibilities and it's a great way to actually enjoy these collectibles we spent so much money on
  20. I agree with others, this needs to be pinned. And a big thanks to all who've contributed to this thread, great stuff
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