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  1. Shout out to @tturbozx66 for a great transaction. There was an issue I missed on one of the used Gakken ride armors I sent him but he was great about letting me make things right. Great communication, recommended.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and good advice / feedback. I definitely get your point about not selling the Mospeada bikes as a lot if I want to maximize my profit - I'm mulling over taking less just to not have to piece them out. I think maybe taking your advice and splitting into two sets of bike + rider, then throwing in the others as extra is a great middle ground to getting good value without selling all separately. Thank you again!
  3. Had these in storage for quite a while, any idea what I could sell them for? Thanks in advance ... Yammato 1/60 VF-1A Max - transformed once to gerwalk and displayed in a glass case, when transforming back to store, the right side tailfin/backpack pin holder broke (see second picture below) Gakken 1/8 Ride Armor - lot of 4 riders, 2 bikes all used in varying condition.
  4. Please note: none of these are mint. All are used and have been in storage for over a decade. With the exception of Jetfire that's still surprisingly tight, they all are a bit floppy. The Joons and the unknown knockoff Hiro are bootlegs and not the same quality of build or materials of the originals. All prices include shipping within the US. Shipping outside of the US will be based on exact cost. I only accept PayPal and you must either use Friends and Family or pay extra to cover the fee (3% for USD payments within the US, 4.4% for international USD payments) Original Jetfire with extra armor pieces - $125 shipped in the US (SOLD) Original VF-1S Roy with gun and arm clip - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD) Original VF-1A Brownie with gun (no arm clip) - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD) Knockoff Hiro VF-1J with gun and arm clip - $45 Shipped in US (SOLD) Joons Red VF-1J bootleg with gun and arm clip - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD) Joons Green VF-1J bootleg with ONE gun and arm clip (second gun in battroid belonged to Red valk above) - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD)
  5. Thanks for the reply and the advice on selling them as a lot - that was my first instinct.
  6. So preparing to move for the first time in 9 years, and I find a box in the garage that I don't remember open it to find these chunky monkeys I hadn't seen in 13+ years and I thought had been lost in a previous move. Despite the immediate nostalgia, I really don't have a place for them any more after I sold off my Macross toys last year. So what if anything are they worth? The red and green are Joon's that I remember. The Cannon Fodder was a custom I got off eBay. The Jetfire and extra armor was the only one that was still very tight, the rest are pretty floppy.
  7. Different KS - I believe you're referring to the Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures game KS by Palladium games. There's a Battletech videogame KS that caused the lawsuit from HG. And finally there's the infamous Robotech Academy KS started and then later killed by HG because it didn't get funded.
  8. Smooth transaction with @505thAirborne glad my Monster found a new home, enjoy it!
  9. All items now sold, thanks to the buyers!
  10. I've got a HWR-00-MKII Destroid Monster BNIB for sale stateside in my sale thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/44907-moving-sale-renewal-vf-25-valks-armor-and-more/
  11. Updated with an item that sold (on eBay).
  12. Good communication and transaction with @yman1437 despite the US Postal Service's attempts to give us both reason to worry
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_finger
  14. Yep ... I had to get rid of everything and I'd rather cut a good deal and let it go to another collector here instead of selling for a higher price on eBay (and pay their fees).
  15. Updated with an item that sold (on eBay).
  16. A trio of successful transactions with @zanderwitaz, @mzhao3 and @Lord_Of_Tetris. Thanks!
  17. Great quick transaction with @southerndrawl - thanks!
  18. Updated with another sold item - thank you to the buyer!
  19. Thank you - a smooth transaction with sh9000 on my end as well.
  20. Finally have pics up for all of the remaining items.
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