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  1. Personally I think these stands are going to push me to buy more valks
  2. Guessing Detolfs by the price. Consider yourself lucky, I live in Cincy and when I got my first 2 Detolfs, I had to get them from Pittsburgh because they didn't have an Ikea in Cincinnati yet.
  3. The only references to the SCV-8 Blue Roses I found were on many custom valk models posted on these forums - before that I had never heard of them, hence the reason I asked. I couldn't find any reference to them either of the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Valkyrie book #1 or #2 (I don't have the Squadrons books yet). Nor was it mentioned in This Is Animation: Macross Plus Variable Fighter's Aeroreport where some other squadrons are. As for the SVC designation, there are references to SVC-133 "Starhunters" (pg125) and SVC-131 (pg91) in the Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 #2 book. I actually was organizing a list of the printed squadrons (bored waiting for the VFMF Squadrons book from HLJ) when I came across multiple posts here talking about SVC-8.
  4. Newbie question: where did the SCV-8 Blue Roses come from? I looked through 8 pages of search results going back to 2003 but couldn't find anything that mentioned the origins. Thanks..
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