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New Macross 1/1 DYRL helmets


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I got one of the blue Chrome visors you used. I have a question was all the modifications done to the Masei parts like the top visor and other ad on pieces?

Did you have to cut the actual Blue visor at all?


I did not cut the visor at all.

I did all modifications to the masei parts.

They were already scratched and stuff so i felt safer doing that.

Also.. I wonder if Masei can mail a visor without it breaking. ;)

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No kidding, I would never pay that much for the Yamato made helmets, let alone one of these!

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Got my replacement part(s)!

It was only supposed to be the visor buuuuut they also sent the other pieces IF I want to make a third helmet.

All I need is another white open face helmet. -_-

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Funny I saw the same photos posted on Masei's Facebook page by Masei.

I'm no motorcycle expert or even a motorcycle novice but I know that claiming you can ride at 100mph with these helmets is a dangerous statement. The actual interior helmet might a real tested helmet but custom Macross style attachment parts does not offer any real protection. They might even cause more injury in high speed crash.

Seriously people buy this helmet as a display piece or cosplay. If you're going to ride with in stick to city streets and avoid the freeways.

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dude treat this as a open face helmet i ride with it in town not faster 65mph wind would be to much . well you can go 100mph but onlyif you dont turn your head.


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I did 90mph on the freeway with mine and it actually does just fine, unless you start trying to look into the sky (why would you)

it's fine for highway riding.

I think the strap sucks big time, it's further back then all my other helmets, and rests on my throat.

So it won't be used for riding, but 100mph I don't see it being too bad, the plastics to the wind without

even vibrating.

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