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  1. (Moderator deleted this post's text for making a potentially dangerous claim. See Moderator post below)
  2. Here are the links for helmets in masei helmet website here http://www.masei-chrome-helmet.com/store/c24/Xcross_Helmets.html I bought from there and I received it in perfect condition. US$339.00 including shipping fee... to everywhere. I emailed luusama. He said those macross helmets in eBay are returned items or scratched ones.
  3. VERY Happy with the helmet!! Received in perfect condition! A surprising New Year Holidy Present
  4. I received mine today in perfect condition finally!!! Love it.. I ordered a full red one ... Very Comfortable Liners and Pads! Still waiting for the blue chrome shield. Thanks for Masei helmet
  5. awesome macross robotech motorcycle helmet by masei 911 helmet !! highly recommended! their email is sales@maseihelmets.com
  6. Masei Helmets emailed me all pre-orders of Masei 911 Helmet shipped and this is new color!! Very hot.. love their works...
  7. The final products like this.... Macross & Robotech Helmet... Getting shipped out next week. Go to www.hellohelmet.com to see more pictures of Masei 911 Xcross Helmet... US$359.00 now.. Their email is sales@maseihelmets.com
  8. You received a black one?? interesting.. Masei can make any color of this Macross Helmet? Masei manager luusama emailed me back that they can ship on Dec 20th... The ETA is 28th Dec! their email is sales@maseihelmets.com for ordering
  9. Will be shipped in 10 days.... Tested today on the street. VERY comfortable riding!
  10. Macross Robotech Helmet riding on the street ... Will get one from Masei Helmets next month.. Their email is sales@maseihelmets.com
  11. Masei Helmet asks two factories to manufacture them as OEM.. the second round should have no M911 logo as they said... but the ETA is the end of December. These M911 logo macross 911 helmet in factory pictures will be shipped out in 10 days for Christmas present.
  12. This macross helmet by masei 911 helmet.. it is all full in black ! can win this helmet in ebay! or email masei to sales@maseihelmets.com
  13. All helmet shells will be white.. not red.. The workers picked the wrong shell to make the first hand samples for picture shooting and promotion. This Macorss & Robotech 911 Helmet by Masei is great looking!
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