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  1. Is there going to be a 1/2000 sdf1 reissue?
  2. just got some paint done on mine.
  3. moy

    Bandai 1/35 DX VF-1

    wow hope they super parts
  4. what part number did you use and did it fit perfect?
  5. i think we will see a lot of helmets at mwcon this year.
  6. so does anyone have plans to post more pics with the helmets?
  7. look at this paint theme wow!
  8. does any one here ride a motorcycle post pics please
  9. do any of you have any other type of paint themes out there?
  10. wow there are alot of haters out there but when it comes macross 2 the best looking macross toy that will be made with super parts i hope?
  11. yeah i agree nice combo!
  12. is that legal to carry a gun while riding that would be cool.
  13. dude treat this as a open face helmet i ride with it in town not faster 65mph wind would be to much . well you can go 100mph but onlyif you dont turn your head.
  14. that looks perfect wow! i want to do something to mine to but dont have the time right now
  15. will there be any macross there at wondercon?
  16. moy

    Untitled Album

  17. has anybody made any mods with their helmets?
  18. you guys forgot mwcon the best place to buy.
  19. take a look at this mod the visor comes down and up!
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