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  1. Another positive feedback for no3Ljm, smooth and easy transaction. Thanks again.
  2. Raya1823

    Hi-Metal R

    Any word on the next Hi-Metal R release yet??
  3. @jeniusornome Had a great transaction and a great deal. A+ all the way
  4. OMG!! I've done really good staying away for the reissues but this one... Look out MW, time to start selling my extras, TF 3P and anything else I can get my hands on, LOL.
  5. @dafob great buyer!! No issues and great communication.
  6. My man @sumyumgoy took care of me once again. +1
  7. +1 for sumyumgoy Got my missing Mospeada rider from him. Thank you again.
  8. Hell yea!!! Ok when does the preorder madness begin??
  9. Raya1823

    Hi-Metal R

    I hope so but it not, let me just bookmark this page.
  10. Raya1823

    Hi-Metal R

    Nnnooooo!! I thought this was today!! Damn, so late to the party.
  11. Raya1823

    Hi-Metal R

    FINALLY!!! I was able to get one form HLJ. Thank you again for the links. This one was a HUGE pain to get. LOL
  12. Raya1823

    Hi-Metal R

    Any word on pre-sale date??
  13. NNNOOOOOOO!!!! Damn it I missed out!!!
  14. Cyclone still available if anyone is interested. BUMP
  15. Hello all!!! No sob story or anything like that. I need to thin out the herd and setup for my SDF-1 :-). So for sale I have two MPC the VF-052T Rands Cyclone and VFA-6Z Rooks Alpha. They are priced to move and it includes S&H, just cover the 4% paypal fees. Thank you all. -- MPC VF-052T, original owner never displayed or transformed. $375 -- MPC VFA-6Z, 2nd owner but still mint, never displayed. $110 Thank you all
  16. ADMIN please delete, I have a Blue Alpha inbound. Thank you all raya
  17. Thanks I'll check it out, but keep the offers coming.
  18. ALPHA inbound!!!! Hello All, I'm looking for a Blue or Red Alpha fighter. If you have an extra one or even a well loved one, please let me know. Raya
  19. Score!! Yeah I'm a bit behind on my purchases, lol. Hi-Metal R Max and Milia plus my missing CM Max.
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