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  1. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Still available at HLJ. Wouldn't it be nice if all the other HM-R pre-orders were like this?! ^_^'
  2. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    OMG, AmiAmi order is still open?! Kinda suspicous... http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-015945&page=top
  3. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Don't worry, it'll come through!
  4. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Not right away, should be there in a few minutes.
  5. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Same happened to me, I guess AmiAmi does prevent cart jacking? Page said order was closed but I was still proceeding fine with the item in my cart. Edit: n/m... maybe cuz they added more stock for ordering. lol
  6. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Got it from HS.. yay!
  7. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks, been looking to get some Regults - kept missing the pre-order windows. Never used that site before though, anyone else have experience with mykombini.com? I know someone mentioned they had pretty good feedback on eBay (back on Page 58), but I don't see much mention of them on the Net.
  8. Edit 2: n/m... Didn't see the first pic from my phone... lol ^_^'
  9. Phalanix

    Macross figures

    Try to get them on Mandarake - they were much cheaper. Got Sheryl for 8000 yen and Ranka for 6000 yen. Both came in today, took some quick shots too. Definitely wasn't expecting so much "fan service" on these two figures. Guess I've only been looking at them from the front in all the preview photos and never paid attention to what they looked like from behind. lol Very vibrant colours though, definitely liking how they turned out. <3
  10. Phalanix

    Macross figures

    Got my wedding Sheryl figure today, took a couple of very quick shots. Was a little surprised by her weight, a little more than I was expecting with typical PVC figures. The other two (of Sheryl and Ranka) should arrive tomorrow - I think Banpresto did a pretty good job with this new set.
  11. That's the reason I like Sheryl's character...there's much more to her than her appearance, especially the affection she shows towards Alto. Rushing to the hospital, trying to peel an apple for him, trying to cook, reaching her arms out to him at the end of the movie, etc. She's definitely not shallow, as some people have claimed her to be. Edit: Forgot to mention the act of sacrificing herself to save Ranka in the movie! ;-)
  12. Phalanix

    Hi-Metal R

    I hope they all end up being Tamashii web exclusives.
  13. I thought AmiAmi prevented cart jacking - if you were able to add it to the cart, it should've been "reserved" until you were able to check out fully (unless you took way too long)? One reason why they seem to go from "Pre Order Soon" to "Pre Order Closed" in a second. I remember getting the VF-25F renewal from AmiAmi, added to cart but then the subsequent pages took minutes to load; in the end I was still able to check out with what I had in my cart though (probably 5 minutes or so in total).
  14. LOL happened to me as well, couldn't log back in to cancel my extra order. Sent HLJ an e-mail explaining the situation, will see what they say. Honestly, didn't see they had a one order limit. ^_^'Edit: Account unlocked by HLJ. Woot!
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