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Name the VF-27...

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Picking at straws? Hehehe... The only UN connection I see here is that

Brera Sterne & the VF-27 could be related to the Megaroad 1 or the 117th Large Scale Research Fleet

, heh. Btw... the VF-27 designation could very well come from NUNS/SMS officials as a way to identify an enemy fighter more advanced than theirs but with clear design similarities... B))

I humbly correct myself... YOU WERE RIGHT!!! The VF-27 IS N.U.N.S.!!!! :ph34r:


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It will be very interesting to find the origin of the VF-27. When I first saw the front nose cone with the canards, I thought it was an update of the SV-51, just heavily modified over the years.

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dang, i was so happy and proud of myself that i was going to suggest VF-27 Slayer (messiah vs. slayer, why not?)... only to find out that it was suggested by kronnang in the very first post. haha. nice one kronnang. :)

well of course it has to be slayer. sure as hell can't be VF-27 EVirus. that would kinda suck. "Oh my god, here comes E-Virus!!"

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well that magenta plane also fight into the varja mothership and it destroy two small varja, which alto saw, first he thought it was cannibalism, but he saw a hole in the wall, so he know there is another ship which came into the mothership. that magenta plane was not capture, he just lie in the shadow and watch alto fight. then he decide to save alto by shooting his rifle, i think if you shoot the web too much, it will send some powerful current into it, or alert more varja to the present.

so the magenta fighter is to help alto , not to kill him

that guy probably the ace of the galaxy, a cyborg, very powerful.

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What is Golgo? :ph34r:


VF-27 Messiah no aniki

edit: huh, now I'm a bridge bunny? the chair....the chair.....

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