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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before but does the fast pack versions of the VF-25 come with the parts to make the ship without the armor?
  2. So I decided to finally pick up the GN-U after owning the Revoltech YF-19/21 for a couple weeks now. I didnt expect to like them to much since I wanted the dynamic poses that Revoltechs allowed. But I'm really glad I got them now. I dont really pose them but they look great in the classic lineart stance imo. After I stopped comparing them to the Revoltechs, I like them a lot more now. To me, I dont see them being good for dynamic poses, but just great true-to-the-lineart figures. One of the biggest thing that bugged me was the YF-19 cod piece. It looked kinda round around the edges. It was a easy fix and I sanded it down to make it look closer to the lineart. I also edited the top part of the piece to have that knotch the lineart has. Heres a couple comparison pics. I hope Yamato releases another set with fast packs and more accessories. I wasnt a big fan of the "gripping" hand for the GN-U figures. I had trouble getting them to grip their guns with it. I hope Yamato makes more; I wouldnt mind getting a GN-U VF-1 too.
  3. The head looking wide was never a complaint of mine. I wondering about the thickness of the visor.
  4. After editing it, its not the only problem. Eugimon could be right and the hips are on the wrong spot. Also as u can see in my PS picture that I posted earlier, even after moving the piece up, it still looks like the legs are tad too high. http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?act=...st&id=55375 Due to the lack of knowledge we have on the transformation mechanism that Bandai is using, I'm thinking they had to make that compromise on the cod piece. Not all anime magic can be solved. I'm still curious about the big visor. Does anyone know where to find a good straight on view of Alto's VF-25 head in the anime? I really dont recall it being that thick.
  5. I didnt know that was something to be concerned about. I hope its the translucent too. Both Alto's VF-25 toy and model has the wide head. I'm starting to think its either a design choice or it might because we've never seen the head from that angle in the anime before. Either way, I have faith that Bandai is aware of it. Even if it does get released looking like that, Kawamori does "okay" it. So who knows whats going on. I'm just hoping Bandai will release more colored pictures soon. We seem to be getting a lot of the grey prototype pictures. I personally didnt have too much faith in the beginning but after seeing the changes they did and the job they did on the Aquarion DX toys, I have to admit I was quite impressed. If they can get it looking as accurate as the Aquarion toys, its gonna be good day for us Macross fans. Have a little faith people.
  6. Cool, thanks. Ooo... gloss and ultraviolet coating. That can be quite promising.
  7. Really? Thats interesting. I wonder what specific changes Kawamori requested. Where did you find out about that? I wonder why he would make any changes. Maybe Alto gets his head blown off too many times and they redesign his VF-25 with a new fatty visor head by the end of the series.
  8. Its coming along nicely... But am I the only one who feels that the visor is huge? Also I guess this might just be an odd angle but is either the cod piece is too low or the legs too high? Heres a picture where I photoshopped a few changes to the visor and cod piece. Looks closer to the official art imo. I guess its not a huge deal but itll be nice for them to tweak the details. It doesnt seem like something that'll be that hard to change... but then again, I'm not positive on how the transformation works so I guess the cod/leg thing might be difficult. Who knows...
  9. AlphaHX

    Macross in Japan

    So very true. Still isnt stopping me from hoping for more tho.
  10. AlphaHX

    Macross in Japan

    Welcome to the board! I've always wanted Macross to be big enough to warrent more shows, ovas, or movies. It's sad to see Macross come up only every 5-10 years from its last series.
  11. The YF-21 got delayed and look at how that turned out! If a month delay is what it takes for them to release with no quality problems, I for one welcome it.
  12. I dunno if these has been posted but these pictures make it look pretty good imo. I reversed the non-model to compare for the battroid mode.
  13. Maybe it should have a name dedicated to the VF-19. It kinda looks like it.
  14. Isnt the one on the right 1/100 scale?
  15. AlphaHX

    Max VF-1S

    No need to argue. DYRL Screenshot:
  16. Nope, I dont really have time to draw or create my own things with school around. Its a screenshot that I edited and cleaned up.
  17. Planes has increased in size since WWII. Good amount of cars now are bigger than they were in the 90s. All depends on how you look at it. Theres plenty of examples either way.
  18. I understand your use of "feelings". Dont get me wrong, I just said it gave the impression that I'm using all feelings that follows no line of logical thought which at that rate I'm just a rambling 5 year old. Thats just all feelings and no signs of intelligence. I dont think you need to explain yourself, nor does Noyhauser giving out Macross statistics. Like I said before, its always nice to have. I'm also not questioning Kawamori's intelligence as an engineer and designer but his creation of Valks in an anime universe could very well have a large influence of just his own personal preference... and just to be clear, I'm not saying it is... I'm just say it could be a possibility. So since we'll never know I dont see my opinion being any less valid.
  19. Its not just my "feelings" about Valkyries. I know you didnt mean it offensively but it sounds like I have no basis of reasoning behind my focus of consistency and my view of the VF-0 and my regards of the VF-1. I understand the side of the canon explanation. But at this rate, it seems like as long as theres an official explanation, any suggestions that opposes it will pretty much get bombarded with hostility and canon facts. Why even discuss this if the answer to everything would just to be pointed to the Macross Compendium or another source of canon information? Since I'm assuming people here can be objective and I havent been pointed to Macross Compendium yet, I'll continue to explain myself... As I said in my other post, our focus of consistency is just different. Thats all. It seems like your focus is on real world comparison. Which imo is extremely valid. I just value more of a consistency between similar aircrafts. The reason why I suggest the VF-1 size to be increased is because I felt it would be consistent (to me) if it was a similar size to the VF-0 and the F-14. My reasoning is that since the F-14 played a heavy influence in how the VF-1 looked which in turn influenced how the VF-0 looked, I feel that theyre in a series of similar aircrafts which logically to me, should be similar in size. I guess I should apologize for using the word prototype. It was the closests word I could find to describe a past influence of the current aircraft. As far as different sizes go, I have no problem with the VF-5000, VF-4 or any of those other valks to be the size that they are. I never said I wanted all the sizes to be the same. I'm fine with different size aircrafts to meet real world circumstances.
  20. I guess I'll reiterate myself since I feel like I'm getting misunderstood... First off, once again, I'm not looking for a logical explanation for why theres a size difference. Second of all, I never said it was wrong, or unexplained, or have no logic to it, or anything along that line so please don't assume I said these things. Well, hopefully thats pretty clear this time. Anyways, our focus of consistency is just different, thats all. In my eyes, I see the VF-0 and the VF-1 to be in a series which I would like it to have a consistency of size which imho is significantly different. I'm not saying theres no good logical explanation... and btw, thank you Noyhauser to point those explanations out. I was actually already aware of the explanations but thank you nevertheless. Any information is always appreciated. So like I said before, its just odd to me and thats why I suggested it. So please dont misunderstand. Even being fully aware of the explanations I still for one would still like it to be changed. Just an opinion. I'm sorry if youve heard this topic one too many times but I myself have not participated in such a thread but please dont make it sound as if I personally bring this topic frequently. This is my first time I've brought this up so I'm sorry if this is a beating the dead horse topic.
  21. I was actually fine with it until Macross Zero. Maybe I should rephrase. I still find it odd that the VF-0 and the VF-1 has such a significant size difference. I'm not looking for some logical explanation for why its a different size. It just urks me when having a VF-0 & VF-1 same scale model or toy side by side. In either battroid or fighter, the VF-0 is imho, significantly bigger. I guess it urks me more than the other VFs cuz I see the VF-0 as a VF-1 prototype to a certain degree. I just find it odd. To me, its like making the VF-19/22 significantly bigger than the YF-19/21.
  22. The only thing I felt like they couldve changed was the size of the VF-1. I still find it odd that its so much smaller than the other VFs.
  23. Thanks guys! Nice to know that ppl like my wallpapers. Be such a waste if no one uses them. Thanks! Its nice to see your work too. Always glad to see more contributers in this thread.
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