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  1. Beautiful customs they are and trust when I say it's not easy letting them go. I'm sitting here at my desk looking at in the display case and I cringe at the thought. Actually my favorite Valk of all time. I hadn't been on the forums in quite a while and was looking to cop another piece of photography equipment. Before I dug into my own pockets I thought I would give this a shot first. Trust me when I say I won't lose any sleep if I get to keep it. Sadly, it's looking like I won't
  2. Cool deal. I don't think it's going anywhere.
  3. Bump...any interest in a custom 1/48 VF-1D?
  4. Fluck a duck!!! How in the hell did I sleep on this?!?! I have got to get around these parts more often!
  5. Is this still available? Please let me know. Many thanks!
  6. Save the chicken hands for the chicken chokers...I'm all over these whenever they're ready!
  7. I'd like to have two of these. Would love to have them go out with tomorrow's batch, but if not it is all good. Will check the thread for where to send payment. If it's not there please PM your Paypal address. Many thanks. - MM
  8. Still lovin' my 1/48's! :-) Thanks again! You rock!

  9. If things don't pan out on the Yamato VE-1 1/60 I would be happy to take it off your hands.
  10. Hy Macross Man. Your collection is great, I have a small question for you, where I can find some custom decals for VF-1J Stealth, Low Visibility (UN Air Force) and the Guardia Minmmey like yours?. The cost?. As I can see in one of your custom photo stickers says Trident Design Works, but the E-mail I can not distinguish well. My email is christianbenitez77@hotmail.com, please respond. Already S...

  11. Wish I was in a position to pick some of these up. They are all awesome! Maybe it's the 1/48 fandom in me, but those are some kick-ass looking 1/48's! Free bump.
  12. I have to agree with Jasonc here. I paid premium prices for several of the Valks I purchased when I started collecting. I've recently offed a few and didn't get nearly what I paid for them and I am totally okay with that. Macross toys will undoubtedly hold some monetary value, but it just all depends on the dynamics of the factors that affect collecting. Although I didn't get what I paid for them, I am overjoyed for the next Macross fan getting an awesome deal on a Valk that they can appreciate just as much as I did. I also think it's awesome that HLJ has the sales that allows fans, old and new, the opportunity to add to their collections. It's win-win not just in terms of their tangible cash value.
  13. Might you consider selling the Super & Strike Parts only? If so, what would be your price?
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