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  1. I'll leave this here... https://shop.eaglemoss.com/hero-collector/alien-and-predator/alien-and-predator-xl-starship-collection (also.. BSG Heavy Raptor on sale if you don't have it)
  2. Some the new Eaglemoss XL line... Pre ordered Sulaco and dropship because.. Why not. https://shop.eaglemoss.com/hero-collector/alien-and-predator/alien-and-predator-xl-starship-collection
  3. I think I have a boxed v1 elintseeker but the end of little clip for the radar dish is a bit iffy. Otherwise complete with full sticker sheet
  4. Aoshima fits in a detolf just fine. My antenna is long gone but even with it, there is plenty of clearance.
  5. I think i have a mint, boxed one sitting in storage. I'll check for you.
  6. I certainly don't mind shipping to Canada but be warned, the shipping cost is a tad expensive. It can be anywhere from $35 - $80 Canadian depending on what you were looking for and how quickly you want it. (This is the site I am using as a guideline for shipping.. http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder )
  7. Hey guys, I've been lurking for a long while just to keep a toe dipped in on current events, but I am now sadly forced to sell off a chunk of my collection. (GIrlfriend is moving country to live with me so need to get a proper house and y'know.... stuff that goes in house) I have started putting a few items on ebay today with more coming tomorrow. I have pretty much zero idea what stuff is going for these days (probably shoulda done more research on here) so i just used ebay pricing but a bit cheaper as my guide. Should any of you fine folk wish to purchase anything and want to avoid the feebay thing - feel free to drop me a PM and we'll work someting out. Anyhow... on with the show! Please buy my stuff.... Pleeeeeease...
  8. It definitely has one of the best Hero / Villain relationships ever put to film. Its simply brilliant and at times, side splittingly funny.
  9. Watched a matinee of Prometheus before heading into work for the evening... here is the quick & dirty, *spoiler free* review: It is by no means perfect and does have some pacing issues- I think it could have done with being a good 40 mins longer (here's hoping for an extended directors cut on bluray) however..... I did thoroughly enjoy it. Its beautifully shot and has a wonderful musical score (must look the composer up as i'd never heard of him) with some fine performances from Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace I guess, as the message in the film suggests, it all depends on what you go looking for. If you go into this looking for an "Alien" prequel or similar, you will be disappointed. IF you go in looking for a fresh sci-fi epic from one of the masters of cinema, you will, as I have, really enjoy it. Although, the film actually leaves you with more questions than answers One last thing though... damn the trailers for this film. They were so so good and showed far too much. EDIT:spelling
  10. Oh, i was all expecting to roll my eyes and hate this one, and as i said... its not a great film but it is entertaining - and its has the huge bonus of not having 'the beef' in it. So, if you go in with the open mind (of a 10 year old), you'll probably have a good time. -The defense rests your honour/
  11. Having seen this late last week, I can tell you that its not actually that bad. Is it a big overblown hollywood blockbuster from the Michael Bay school of action? Yes. but its not bad and quite entertaining. None of the characters are particularly annoying.. for a change. The way they tied it into the board game was relatively well done (i can remember two particular things that tied nicely) The pacing is pretty good and only slows down in the middle for a few minutes of exposistion. Now to answer some queries: It is not an alternate timeline. There is only 1 battleship in the movie and it had been decomissioned a long time ago... (its gets a little cheesy around this part) Nobody says "you have sunk my battleship" Its nowhere near as bad as the last 2 transformers films (i thought the first transformers was "ok") Gripes? well... it seems that the same couple of main characters carry out just about every duty on board ships... in the CIC, check. Fast boat interception, check. Repelling borders, check. - its like there is only a small handful of crew on board! - you'll know what i mean if you see it. Anyhoo.... go see it. Its really not that bad. Its not "WOW that was BRILLIANT!" but its better that it has a right to be.
  12. Umm... the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games were based on a film. STALKER Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky who coincidentally directed the original Solaris film. I'm thinking Monsters will be the sleeper/indie sci-fi hit that district 9 was, but i want to see Skyline too although i know it will a Hollywood cheeseball. Lets not forget the third part of this winters sci-fi trifecta - Battle: Los Angeles which doesn't even have a trailer yet.. just a couple of seconds of footage... i'm intrigued.
  13. The pre-release Daft Punk tracks from Tron Legacy are flippin' ace! I'm not so much of an electro/dance fan but i listened to one track "the crash" and about 3.40m into it you can't help but feel that this is perfect accompaniment to Tron. I'm even more hyped about this film now. GO download it!
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