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  1. I used to be a proflic alt.fan.macross poster back in the day and later transitioned to MW back in the Takatoku is king days. I don't come here often but every 6 months I come back just to see if a VF-2SS has been made.
  2. Might even be Exo Squad http://www.androidzdungeon.com/online.stor...%20DESTROID.jpg
  3. I've got 5 Valkyrie II kits in my basement. I bought them years ago when they were rare and expensive and before reissue. Like $80 each or something ridiculous. I planned to keep them until I had built up my model-making skills to the point where I was good enough to make them look decent because honestly - these kits are pretty bad!
  4. I like the VF-25 Battroid mode, but it doesn't look particularily Macross. The fighter mode however, is absolutely attrocious. Obviously an attempt to show a kind of evolution from the VF-19 design but the canopy and nose section far too bulbous and long and just ugly and not sleek (as I would prefer) at all.
  5. I can't believe I didn't see this before, but some of the Valkyrie bits used to build the Stargazer are very obvious. There is apparentely other bits from Crusher Joe, Orguss, and Gundam, but I can't see them. On the actual filming model, they used parts from a bigger scale Valkyrie and later renamed the ship USS Valkyrie. http://drexfiles.wordpress.com/2009/01/11/...bash-pictorial/
  6. I HATE the VF-25S and the VF-22S because when I read both I keep thinking that they are VF-2SS only to have my hopes dashed
  7. The strength of Macross Plus' triangle is also the great failing of Macross Frontier. Macross Plus' triangle feels more intrinsic and gritty and serious. It is the story of 3 childhood friends torn apart by love and emotions and jealously which turn them to enemies. It's also the story of two guys and one girl which I've always found more relatable and realistic. What is with animes and their "harem" tendancies with the one guy being chased by every beautiful girl on the block? It simply is not realistic when you look at the majority of nature. It is usually always the males competing for mates. It is the females that hold the power. I never liked this part of Frontier. Alto is one of those characters you either love or hate. I personally hated him because he's your typical anime dorkhead who has everything given to him and he doesn't recognize how good he has it and he just stumbles around on natural talent, luck, and the fact that everybody is in love with him and he gets away with his denseness and obliviousness to the people and struggles around him. That's also what makes me hate Basara with a passion. Generally I suppose, I can't say that I have liked Macross's characters that much outside of Macross Plus despite my devout following of it. I generally hated all the starring protagonist characters like Hikaru, Basara, and Alto. Isamu was the one exception of an actual good lead. Macross Plus was one of the few instances where I can say that I felt like Shoji had really planned and mapped it out properly. Frontier, like Macross 7 and even SDFM felt rushed and slapped together with last minute changes and addendums. SDFM perhaps can't be blamed because it is really the padded on extra episodes due to ratings and demand that caused it's downfall. It all wrapped up beautifully after the SDF-1 fell to earth. I can't believe how slipshod Frontier felt. They literally made it all up as they were going along. I wonder how it would have turned out without Hiroshi Ohnogi. I really wonder how different the story would have been purely under Shoji even if he couldn't make up his mind. The series had so much potential and the haphazard episode arrangement and rushed or filler eps wasted a lot of time.
  8. I would like a mix of TV sleekness and DYRL details and hardware. The thing I hate most about the DYRL model is the part that eventually becomes the crotch piece in Storm Attacker - when it's in cruiser mode it's just way too high and square and chunky. I would have prefered it tapered down the level of the booms or had something like a wedge or some other details to soften how high and cliff like it looks. I also wish that the DYRL bridge split like the TV version. I have the Matchbox SDF-1 and as a kid, that was my favorite feature!
  9. what are those military pants with the sides that are pointed and stick out called? What is the point of them?
  10. 10 years ago, this would have been my dream. Now I am older and wiser and realize that big toys just don't work. I would have seriously preferred a 1/4000 or 1/3000 version with less detailing if neccessary. The Takatoku/Matchbox 1/3000 SDF-1 is about the max size that I can actually keep around or play with and display also. With the global economy in the tank including Japan in dire straits, this is really the wrong time for something like this. Yamato would make much more money and sales mass producing a smaller toy for greater demand I believe.
  11. What the community needs to do is get their hands on one of these and recast good quality one for them for MWorld. They are so freaking rare. Even the Bandai 1/100 kit used to be before all the reissues. That one is a pretty crappy mold though. Any idea how the chinese recasts or the ones on hobbyfan are like? http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?p...+Super+Valkyrie For anyone who wants to see WM Cheng's version, it's in my sig.
  12. I haven't been on MW for awhile, are all the old avatars are gone? I'd like to find the one that I was using again, I had been using it since the very earliest MW incarnations, it was on the default avatar database and not a custom image that I uploaded or anything. This is the address to it: http://www.macrossworld.com/iB_html/non-cg...espenstmkii.gif
  13. http://cgi.ebay.ca/1-72-Bandai-Macross-Fro...A1%7C240%3A1318
  14. Is there anyplace that sells some good sticker sets (prefer stickers and not water-slide decal) that has a good variety of logos and shapes for adding to models, toys, electronics, basically anything I want to? I've always loved the graphic design work in a lot of the decal sets for gundam/macross, especially the special sets for unique customs. Is there a good place to get these? Or maybe a pack or bundle or sheet with a lot of good variety on it? I'd like something like this with more than just Gundam related things. http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?products_id=3023 Speaking of that link, are those water-slide decals or are they stickers? It's kind of lame, but I want to stick some of these things onto a laptop/keyboard/monitor/PC, etc. in addition to the usual use on models/toys.
  15. Please continue with your classic anime posts, I have missed them dearly!
  16. Just recieved an ill-fitting pretty plain boring black suit from Hong Kong for $1050 HKD. Would much rather have had a YF-19
  17. So this is completely new? What happened to the old Homeworld Mod from like 6 years ago?
  18. It's pretty bad looking. It's an F-18 model (wings and stabilizers are identical) with cliche "trying hard to be anime" parts strapped onto it and an elongated nose that is trying too hard to be a VF-1. If you are going to go through so much effort to make what otherwise looks like an amazing cel shaded production, I'd prefer they get some good mechanical design in as well.
  19. So...it has to be asked. Where can I get 1/1 scale?
  20. Sorry, not a fan of the main mecha at all. It's pretty cheesy. Looks like some kind of Egyptian super boss mecha from a terrible 1970s robot show or stuff I used to find in b/w 80s comics that tried too hard to copy anime style. It's the VFSXT-Ultra? I would have called it Osiris Elephant Wing-Geese or something. The CG work is excellent. The mechanical design is very fan-made amateurish in terms of actual design aesthetic. It's just a mish mash of cliche robot parts with simple shapes and lines that don't work well together.
  21. WTF-1? Maybe I will have to cancel my Amazon order, but does WEP ship to Canada?
  22. Even though I haven't been to anime alberta in years! I swear I posted this over at AA but it didn't appear in the forum list. I'll go do that again. There was that other guy on AA who watched Saber Rider. I can't remember his name. Vorpal maybe? CoryHolmes is from AA?
  23. James, there is a fan-made Captain Power DVD set. I have it. It's excellent. Okay the video quality isn't that good, it's VHS recorded off the SPACE run from a few years ago but at least it's a DVD set with every episode on it and somehow this guy managed to get together a lot of rare stuff like promotional videos I've never seen before, all the TV commercials, and it even has the three animated videos (made by Bubblegum Crisis' AIC in a super high budget explosion of insane 1980s high quality animation), all the extra videos released only to VHS (like the music videos), etc.. Totally worth the $30 I paid I think.
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