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  1. I'm try to gauge interest on two separate kits, the Atmospheric Booster with Pylon and the Launch Vehicle. Also, I'm trying to see which model these kits should be built around, the 1/48 Hasagawa VF-1 kit or the 1/48 Yamato VF-1.
  2. My spam filter has been off. I thought that might've been he problem so I turned that off a few days ago and I haven't gotten anything from them. Also, I've received replies from them before and it's all gone into my mailbox. Any other suggestions?
  3. Has anyone emailed OD and receive a reply back? They sent me an email around Dec 17th regarding an order and I've tried emailing them about 7 times now and I still haven't heard back from them.
  4. Some unexpected bills came up and now I can only pick up one.
  5. Do you guys think it's worth picking up the Ozma GBP combo set or the new 1/60 elint?
  6. Any chance we'll ever see these produced?
  7. Is the VF-22 going to be limited as well?
  8. Are there any places that have the Ozma GBP set for pre-order? I tried Overdrive and HLJ and both sites didn't have it listed.
  9. Hi guys, I was thinking of picking up my my first Macross Frontier valks, and I'm not exactly sure what I should be picking up with all these exclusive items, so I was hoping someone could help me out. I wanted to pick up the DX valks below. 1. VF-25 Alto - I'm not sure where to order this one since I wanted the reissued version. Also, is it easier to find the super parts for him or the armor pack? 2. VF-25 Ozma - I'm looking for the armored set but all I've found is the clear set so far? Has this not been listed for pre-order yet? 3. VF-25 - Luca - Do I pick up the currently available one or is there a limited edition for it with Ghost accessories? 4. VF-25 Micheal - Same with Luca, do I pick up the current version or is there a limited edition one coming out with the fold pack?
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