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  1. I used a different screen name than before because there was a transaction with a Garland that I purchased from a board member here and sold to another board member and it turned out the leg was broken. I did not inspect it when I received it nor inspected it before I sent it, assuming it was fine. I had saw that a dispute had been opened and and let Paypal settle it, nor did I ask for the Garland back. I felt that it would hurt my chances of a sale and used another screen name I hadn't used in a long time that I forgotten about. I was hard pressed for money and decided to do this rather than post with the other screen name. I am not making an excuse by using the sympathy card, I really do have personal matters going on right now and I haven't replied quickly to my emails or my pms and that's my fault for neglecting to be speedy with my reply. I sent the form numbers that were on the custom slips that I got from USPS, the one that is right below the bar code. I checked with USPS and that is not necessarily a tracking number but it will tell you when the package was processed and when it arrived. I was told that tracking numbers cannot be purchased for international shipping unless it is being shipped via Priority or Express Mail, but the form number will be sufficient to see when the package is processed. I accidentally sent them the same tracking number and have since sent them the right custom form numbers. You can PM me your email address and I'll send you documentation for the deaths in my family and the medical bills for the injuries to my dog.
  2. Please note that Pedro2k6 has responded to my PM and stated that the valk he purchased has arrived.
  3. Once again, I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused. Once everything has been resolved, please ban my username and ip.
  4. I am sorry for not replying to this thread earlier. I am truly sorry about the delay in sending out the items that were purchased and replying to any pms. It is true that I am going through some personal matters at the moment whether anyone believes me or not. I have the custom sheets for the packages that I sent out and have emailed them to almost everyone who purchased an item. Those who requested a refund I have went ahead and refunded their money and have said to just send the valk back to me. THe person who purchased the VF-0S with the missing sticker sheet, I will be sending that out today.
  5. I'm sorry for the late replys, I have been having alot of issues at home. All items have been sent out.
  6. Hi there everyone, I'm looking to sell the majority of my Macross collection to help pay for funeral expenses for my mother. She just passed away and I'm trying to raise funds to pay for the Buddhist rites for the next 49 days and part of the burial. The items I have listed are brand new, unless otherwise stated. They were purchased then stored away from sunlight. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message. I am willing to accept reasonable offers. All items are on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact me for shipping estimates. Paypal fees will be added to the total (Sale Price + Shipping). Thank you for looking, I'll be adding more items and pictures tomorrow. Macross More Coming Soon Macross 7 Yamato VF-22 Gamlin - $160 More Coming Soon Macross Zero Yamato VF-0S Roy W/Booster - $300 - SALE PENDING Yamato SV-51 Ivanov W/Booster (Opened But Never Transformed) - $300 Yamato SV-51 Nora W/Booster - $250 Yamato Ghost Q2200D-A Booster - $150 Macross Plus Yamato YF-19 W/FPs Version 1.5 - $200 More Coming Soon Macross Frontier Renewal VF-25A CF - $150 Renewal VF-25F Alto (x2) - $230 Renewal VF-25F Alto Super Parts - $200 Renewal VF-25F Alto Armor Parts -$250 Renewal VF-25G Michael (x2) - $300 Renewal VF-25G Michael Super Parts (x2) - $80 Renewal VF-25S Ozma (x2) - $300 Renewal VF-25S Ozma Super Parts - $200 Renewal VF-25S Ozma Armor Parts - $250 Renewal RVF-25S Luca (x2) - $180 Renewal RVF-25S Luca Super Parts (x2) - $100 Renewal VF-27 Brea - $200 Renewal VF-29 Alto - $280 Renewal VF-29 Alto Super Parts - $200 Renewal VF-29 30th - $280 Renewal VF-29 30th Super Parts - $200 Renewal VF-171 Alto (x2) - $200 Renewal VF-171 Alto Super Parts (x2) - $80 Renewal VF-171 CF (x4) - $160 Koeing Monster SP Version - $300 VF-27 Grace (Loose - Complete) - $200
  7. My grandmother recently passed away in Vietnam so I am selling a portion of my collection to help pay for the funeral. I had some issues with the pictures from my camera so I will get the rest posted tomorrow. Also, more Macross items will be listed tomorrow evening. Buyer to pay for all paypal fees and shipping. Macross VF-1 1/60 V2: 1D Trainer: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $250 - SOLD VF-1 1/60 V2: 1D Virgin Road: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $250 - SOLD VF-1 1/60 V2: 1S Low Vis: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $300 - SOLD VF-1 1/60 V2: VF-X: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $300 - SOLD VF-1 1/60 V2: Max: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $300 - SOLD VF-1 1/60 V2: Elint: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $300 VF-1 1/60 V2: Ostrich: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $400 - SOLD VF-4 1/60: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $500 VF-22 1/60: Gamlin: Mint, Unopened - $200 VF-19F 1/60: Mint, Unopened - $240 VF-0A: Shin With Booster: Mint, With Extra Shoulders (picture Coming Soon) - $300 YF-19: 2nd Edition With FPs: Mint, Unopened (picture Coming Soon) - $270 Macoss F Renewal: VF-25 Alto: Mint, Unopened - $180 Macoss F Renewal: VF-25 Ozma: Mint, Unopened - $320 Macoss F Renewal: VF-25 Michael: Mint, Unopened - $250 Macoss F Renewal: VF-25 Luca: Mint, Unopened - $200 Macoss F Renewal: VF-171 Alto: Mint, Unopened - $240 Macoss F Renewal: VF-171 Alto FP: Mint, Unopened - $85 Macoss F Renewal: VF-171 CF: Mint, Unopened - $210 Macoss F: VF-27 Brea: Mint, Opened - $180 Macoss F: VF-27 Grace: Mint, Opened - $300 Macoss F: Koenig Monster: Mint, Unopened - $250 MORE COMING... Berserk Art Of War: Guts Hawks Soldier 1/10 Bloody: $180 Art Of War: Griffth Hawks Soldier 1/10 Bloody: $180 Art Of War: Casca Hawks Soldier 1/10 Bloody: $180 Art Of War: Judeau Hawks Soldier 1/10 Bloody (Only 5 Produced): $250 Masters Of The Universe Selling this as a set(at cost): Full List to come, please see pictures below - $1100 Misc Noir 1/6 Mirelle Bouquet Statue: Mint, Opened (picture Coming Soon) - $200 Franklin Mint Monopoly Set (Wooden Board w/Felt, Gold/Silver Pieces): Mint, Items removed from packaging and played 3 times - $270
  8. PMs answered. Price drop for the GBP and Blu-Ray set.
  9. Added Transformers and Megazone 23 items Lowered Price for the YF-29 Updated GBP Set
  10. Replied to all PMs. Added Macross Plus and Macross Zero Items Lowered the price on the Blu Ray Set
  11. Hi Everyone. Per my previous post, I am selling items and sending the money back to VIetnam to help my family after my uncle passed away. All items are in brand new condition, unless otherwise stated. I am selling everything at cost and am not looking to make a profit. I will have pictures up tonight, tomorrow morning at the latest. Buyer to pay shipping and any paypal fees. Thank you for looking. Yamato 1/60 Version 2 GBP with unpainted resin missile effects - $120 Yamato Macross Plus YF-19 Birds Of Prey - $250 YF-19 Double Nuts - $250 Macross 7 VF-19 Kai - $240 Bandai Macross Frontier YF-29 Alto (2nd Release) - $300 VF-171 Alto - $250 Megazone 23 Garland (Good Shoulders) - $150 Garland (Factory) - $150 Garland (Military) - $150 Proto Garland - $200 Toynami VF-1J Bookends - $600 VF-1S Bookends - $500 Blu-Ray Sets Macross TV Limited Edition - $450 More To Come...
  12. Thanks guys. Prices reduced, need to sell these asap. Thanks for looking.
  13. My uncle just passed away so I'm seling a few items to help pay for the funeral. All kits are in brand new condition and were purchased from Starship Modeler a few years back. If anyone need more pictures, please let me know. Buyer to pay shipping and any paypal fees. Moscato 1/72 Launch Arm - From SM, comes with brass fittings - $130 Moscato 1/72 Pylon - $70 Moscato 1/72 Booster - $140 Moscato 1/72 Launch Vechicle - $340 All Three: $500
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