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  1. I'm gona go with the Sv-51 since the transformation sequence seems more practical and influenced the design of the VF-25/27.
  2. Guess we complain about Sonic for the same reason we complain about Macross. Its because we actually love them. I'll be happy with this game as long as it has the propwer pinball mechanics, momentum based gameplay and no boost. Speed is gained as a reward for playing well. Also only sonic (tough Amy, Tails & Knuckles would be welcome as DLC optional characters). The last game i rememberd had those elements done right was the very first Sonic Advance. the other two were starting to mess with th gameplay. I highly recommend you to try this one. And rush doesn't count for relying to much on gimmicks.
  3. Right on dude, besides the T-50 reminds e a lot the 1-60 VF-11B (minus canards), it even has small tailfins.
  4. I can already start seeing the Valkyrie within that airframe. Hope this inspires the Hoary Froating Head to make the VF-3X (hope he doesn't wait for the 30th anniversary just to call it VF-30). Still, I wonder how long will it take for a scale model of this baby to get released?
  5. Ok guys, this afternoon i just got my SV-51 nora & man she' s huge. just got to play with her for like 20 minutes before i had to go to work . hopefully tommorrow morning i can spend more quelity time with her i really wish i could affrod more valks right now since many of them are still on sale @ hlj.com but part of my savings have to go for a brick oven i really want to make. Yeah... besides valkyries pizzas are my obsession XD. ok, just one hour & 15 minutes before i go home to my beautiful nora <3
  6. 1.- no, i don't like their first attempt after reading graham's review. still prefer the model even though their fragile. still yamato pwns & teabag bandai's corpse. 2.- maybe i'll go with mikhail's Vf just for the sniper riffle. i have a large rock i brought from a mine in Zacatecas taht looks like an asteroid, that'll be his home. 3.- go team (.)(.). Woot!!!!!1!!1one!one!eleven
  7. :'( one of my two VF-25F models just broke, & since i don't want to take chances with the other one i'm gonna have to go with one of the 1/60 VF-25's. I think i'm goning to pick either mikhail's or ozma's fighter. just one question since right now i'm a bit tight on time & don't want to go back several pages. does the 1/60 VF-25 have large parts made out of metal or are they going to be made almost entirely out of plastic like the newer yamato's valkyries? also are these going to be molded in color or will they be painted? now going back to bury my poor innocent valk. snif :'(
  8. about the new update i too wished you could edit the hair & clothes colors like in Soul calibur IV (one of the easiest edit modes i've seen). was planning to make ozma lee as my avatar. hope that MS can release one day a patch to allow color editing.
  9. for the HD DVD you need to buy a drive separately. otherwise you can only play normal dvd, but if you buy the Xbox 360 elite you get the HDMI you can watch the movies on a HD screen with upscale.
  10. Dude, opportunities come only once in life so i say take it . also if no need to gain weigth you should start eating steaks.
  11. This topic has brought me back lots of memories of my pre-internet days. Back then in the 80's the only anime i could get to see were a few series like mazinger Z, saint seiya, dragon ball, etc. also on some video clubs manged to watch some movies that could not get to see again like hi no tori 2772. the only way i could get any info on new series was by talking with friens in school. also in the early 90's internet rental in mexico was quite expensive (like five dollars an hour back then and it was on dial-up). it was really a small world for my macross in those times. basically this is how i remember getting hooked with macross: 1985 (fisrt contact): while visiting relatives in the city of lazaro cardenas, michoacan i saw only the latter half of the robotech version of the "good bye mars"episode. 1996: bought the ninja scroll movie, in the previews watched some scenes of macross plus & decided to give it a chance & never regret it. I eventually ended up getting the movie edition & learned about macross II which i also bought, however i ended feeling something was not right until a friend told me about kawamori not being involved in that project. 1997: while in high school a friend showed me an ad on the wizard magazine about an american release of the toycom YF-19. i started to save money & when i was almost set to preorder was enraged to know that a certain studio claimed some copyright BS & felt very 1999: while making a search about macross i ended up here, been a lurker for quite some time until i officially joined some years ago. 99% porcent of all macross things i know are thanks to this wonderful site. 2008: the first time i actually followed a macross series within just a few hours of it being aired certainly the internet has made the world a smaller place but it also made my macross world so much more vast...
  12. whooo!! just received my shipping notice from hlj, should be in fron t of my house within a week. also i'm seriously considering making a red variation of mikhail's color scheme. will post pics once i make it.
  13. hey triple post is cheating, no wonder why your post count is so high. lol
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