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  1. my question is why he got arrested for a sign that said that. To me that doesn't seem to break their anti-begging law, if anything he should gone to a mental asylum.
  2. oh well, I did see a huge pile of macross and gundam models in a clothing store in ueno. kinda odd but not wierd compared to the rest of japan.
  3. Club atom's icon is simular to the macross kite. all its missing is the tail part. Does this count?
  4. Kinda overdress for the environment.
  5. Kits for 1:48 would be nice too. 1:60 thruster/feet for 1:48 landing wheels with spring articulated shocks. some kinds of mechanical upgrade gear system to make the wings move at the same time. (long shot but would be in genius to see it worked)
  6. Did you flush out the tank a couple times? sounds like a chemical contamination, most likely from the manufacturer of the tank.
  7. I say more color variants of the the VF-1. What about gold plated or super mechanical version for the rich guy with tons of money to spend.
  8. cant be a sci-fi flick without kevin sorbo anything less is called something I cant say.... battlefield.....
  9. wow, living in yokosuka and seen alot of weird things but this is crazy beyond all reason even compared to the stores with 10 floors of umm naughty things.
  10. meh clan remakes of star league mechs still no match for an omnimech, thats why you belong with the rest of the 2nd line garrison.
  11. Everyone knows, the next series is going to feature basara on his musical career instead of him trying again to change everyone's mind, this will feature new music such as planet dance.... and also planet dance..... also the pilot episode will be 5 hours of nothing but... planet dance. At certain points of the story it will show that you have to buy more macross products but it wont be the fire valk or any valk from any of the series, it will be products for guitar hero 4 basara edition where the only song it has is... planet dance but it comes with a replica guitar that basara uses. maybe hallmark cards that plays planet dance when you open it. in all of reality, frontier seems to be linked to zero while zero was kinda linked to sdf:m so the next one will some how be linked to frontier.
  12. that's cool i like to collect battle tech publications especially in pdf format. love the picture of the mech (I think its the dragon) give the old kick in the face. who needs PPCs while you have a giant mech foot to shove up some mech jock's behind.
  13. guess someone could model the vf-1 in x-plane 9 using the plane maker and see if our current understanding of flight aerodynamics would support the design. any takers?
  14. Clanner wasn't IS Marauder Weps 2 Magna Hellstar PPCs, 2 Magna Mk II Medium Lasers,1 GM Whirlwind Autocannon (AC5)?
  15. the funny thing is it still had space for zentran-sized rooms and I assumed zentran-sized hallways.
  16. Keep your BluFlay. I will go with this before my Holodisc thingy comes out. Red Ray
  17. I have a similar story, me and my buddy was out walking around harajuku then some guy pulled us to the side and said "come to my store, cheap prices" so we follow the guy back to the store and it started to look a bit odd, the price was cheap but the items just didn't seem right. Plus we was the only customers in the store while like every store we went into was packed full of people.
  18. I been only living here in yokosuka japan for 2 months and I find its very true that a japanese girlfriend will be your best teacher in language. But no little or how bad you speak japanese, long as you try they are very impressed about it. Just there are times when its appriopiate to try to strike a conversation. on a train = bad , on the train station waiting for the train = good , reponggi after midnight = very good .
  19. yah but I.... I mean him, got plans.... oh yes this episode hes got another plan. but would his surperiors catch wind of it and make it so he has no completely free time to initiate it? And will his friends accidentally try to stop his plan? stay tune into Blue Yokosuka. If Mohammad cant go to the mountain. make the mountain go to Mohammad.
  20. macross 7. it ends at ep. 4003 Basra finally stops singing planet dance and sings something new. (dodges gang of mac7 fan's gunfire)
  21. mine would be simple. cannon fodder joins the world's most powerful government to give his wife a better future but in the end the government betrays him by preventing all contact with his love one including not able to take vacation then send him around the world to insure he stays away from the ones he love including his daughter that he never seen yet but quickly growing up. throw in some aliens/world instability/war... maybe a Bruce Willis looking guy or maybe that guy from crank/death race/transporter movies that pops in once in every other episode to mock the main char.
  22. Right now in yokosuka its cold as an ice queen's ummm outside and inside the boat in the mornings. later in the day if its not crazy windy then its ok.
  23. ok.. so he hates frontier on one post and loves shadow cron on this one... How we lose a mod to the dark side? did HG spike the water or something back in the states or put out adds with subliminal messages to only love ro.. rooo..... (sigh) roooobboooo... bah tech?
  24. hate to nitpick but the leaf springs on the truck doesnt move and goes through the axle at times. otherwise its looks pretty cool.
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