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  1. I remember that video. shame his fly is open. Wonder if any new updates on this rc. FPV?
  2. boeing fishes out its 737 fuselages finaly from the clark fork river. Guess this could be a new test now on how good 737 will be. http://www.kwch.com/news/local-news/train-carrying-737-fuselages-derails-in-montana/26803140
  3. interesting. im curious on the ruggedness of the V-stabs
  4. Wait what? Aliens that loose the abilty to fly out to space once they reach earth and no pew pew lasers? guess bad exit strategy is rampant among the universe and no lasers... cmon aliens and lasers go hand and hand like alcholics and beer even cowboys and aliens had flasy pew pew and I rage vomit when I was force to watch that on my duty day.
  5. Is that the supposed stealth helo that crashed in the bin laden raid? Don't think they will down the F-22 that long for the OBOGs messing up. those systems are very simple and also easily repairable anyways.
  6. I don't believe we can do much as my ship is still in Maintenance mode since Winter cruise ended but we can if we have to (Man power wise minus normal required personal to keep the ship operational. Its mainly USS Ronald Reagan to pick up the slack till we are fully ready.
  7. Im alive. Felt weird like I was standing in jello but I was on a boat at the time. The local news stations here still talking about this and the people who are missing.
  8. Totally agree on that. 2 years ago I got some casio cell phone from AU and now its collecting dust while im using my Iphone from softbank, plus having an Iphone in japan is a novelty like girls in the clubs like that you have one.
  9. I vote for unknown pilot #3 in macross 7 because hes apparently immortal after getting killed a million times through out the series.
  10. I seen Grotesque that freaked me out when I saw it til the end then I said the big ole "WTF".
  11. insanely amazing. really put how much room for people to live and work in that ship. Makes me wonder about the rest of her... ummm spaces...
  12. I kinda like this but if I ever get this thing those outer engines got to go. so it would be a YF-29 Alto custom.... custom? wonder what it looks transformed?
  13. This guy has bad luck with the creepers but then again theres a section of my world covered in potholes from exploding creepers.
  14. The snake venom drink? Its all over the place here in yokosuka, nothing like a drink to stop the body to process alchol while you down a dozen chu-hi.
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