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  1. I take EMT and paypal and once I know where you are I'll get you a shipping quote/ total. First "I'll take it" gets priority. I am happy to answer questions and take specific shots if you need within reason. Bandai VB-6 Konig Monster pre owned-$210 Canadian +shipping YAMATO Macross VF-1A Maximilian Jenius 1/60 Complete Transformation figure 1982 Pre Owned-SOLD Yamato Macross 1/60 DYRL VF-1S Roy Fokker with Super & Strike Parts PLUS JP-SOLD YAMATO Macross Plus Battroid PVC Figure collection (Vf-11, YF-19 and YF 21) with Booster parts, pre owned, no boxes. $80 Canadian + shipping - SOLD CMS Collection of Roy Fokker, Hikaru, minmei, Isamu, Misa Hayes and pilot in cockpit pre-owned $100 Canadian + Shipping - SOLD Alto Ex gear, pre owned, no box $50 Canadian plus shipping SOLD First Person to purchase 2 or more will get a robotech PVC Regult thrown in for free!- - SOLD
  2. Macrossworld member Fai An excellent buyer, great communication and fast payment
  3. All 7 box sets, used $30 plus shipping
  4. Bumped to clear out sold valks and reflect price drops.
  5. Full Robotech Legacy collection. Note, Set 7 (mospeada) is gold box, not green. $30 plus shipping
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