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  1. That's the JFK IIRC. As the blurb for the video says it would have made for a killer COD option if it weren't for the difficulty. Around the same time they also made plans to launch and recover the U-2 from carriers (I think it's the U-2R that's equipped with a carrier capable tail hook and folding wings). 426314[/snapback] Good thing they didn't go with it. I remember video interviews with workers building those u2s accidently denting in the panels since its skin is so thin. U2 would never last long on a carrier.
  2. Doesn't look too bad. I had an old pic of a car t-bone a helocopter.
  3. I don't think yamato uses medical grade plastic in their valks. But im going ahead on this experiment, if theres a fungus that eats cds there maybe a bateria that reacts with plastics like those oil eating bacteria found like a mile deep in the earth. edit: oh this is interesting. While doing some perperation research I found an article saying "A group of researchers in Ireland recently discovered a strain of soil bacteria that can eat styrene" wonder if I should try a sheet of white plastic and stick it in the ground covered in dirt to see what happens after month.
  4. That's already been answered, "100 year old rice crispy squares"... sheesh pay attention... 425514[/snapback] pure lies. its the pure essence of hatred of robotech from macross lovers.
  5. Im starting to wonder if certain airborne bacteria or fungus if made contact with plastics can also turn plastic to yellow. Anyone tried wiping a pure white plastic sheet with rubbing alcohol every once in a while and see if it will stay white? So weird seeing this old post with a certain steak sauce in it.
  6. Interesting asside from the wording. that shirt is made for the guys too lazy to lift their shirts up when visiting the urinal.
  7. Thats pretty cool. It has the artistic feel to it.
  8. It wouldnt matter too much. watching the 3rd one first may get odd but the first two are interchangable in order. I think it would be better to watch the 2nd one (LA) first then the first one (NY) considering the NY one he has a better and bigger mission than the LA one.
  9. Hated all the escape movies, I don't know why I watch it but I guess its the same way people slow down to look at a car accident across the highways.
  10. I agree on the ignoring the contest gamefaqs does most of them are pokemon lovers anyways plus the message board users are very anoying.
  11. Anyone went to skyfest 2006 at fairchild afb? I heard the osprey had its first on road demo there. Would love to see it in action lifting off and tilt its wings in person.
  12. he? Yep holographic projection. you guys can keep your high def, I want my 3d lucy .
  13. 30/44k is most likely pocket change to her so im guessing if it went up to 500k+ she would put out .
  14. Dude, this forum is full of "those guys" that like to talk about this stuff. If you don't care about the topic, don't post . 417864[/snapback] Heh while true Jbo can over geeks things up, hes generaly right about things or bs good enough that you don't want to care enough to argue something pointless.
  15. There's no gravity in space, thus no need for wing lift. On Mars, a naked valk weighs upwards of 10,000 lbs. 417666[/snapback] But it establishes signifigant thrust levels, as they can make very tight maneuvers in space, where thrust is the only way to do anything.. Also, asuming DYRL is accurate in this respect, they can do a grounded fighter->GERWALK transformation by hovering on verniers, so the verniers could also be used to augment the wing's meager lift. But the VF-1 is officially capable of Blackbird-style performance.Well in excess of mach 3 at 30,000 meters. At that altitude, the Earth's atmosphere is thinner than Mars'. So it's not an issue, because we have a real-world plane from the cold war that could fly on Mars, assuming there's oxygen. yes but that an unarmored transport, the valks are nicely armoured and can take some seriuos pounding, so i doubt a few bits of extra pressure is gonna hurt them 417722[/snapback] It's still a totally diffrent issue. A submarine is heavily armored and airtight, but I wouldn't count on it lasting 10 seconds in outer space. It's designed for external pressures, not internal ones. That was the point the professor was making, and it's just as valid to a heavily-armed battleship as it is to a naked transport.And Valks are designed to be light. Most of their armor is via overtech energy fields.We don't really know how those respond to pressure at all. 417756[/snapback] I don't even think all past space capsuls up to the shuttle had internal pressure in mind when being designed.
  16. There's no gravity in space, thus no need for wing lift. On Mars, a naked valk weighs upwards of 10,000 lbs. 417666[/snapback] I was under the impression theres gravity all over in space, just more so and less some in some areas depending mass of objects of matter.
  17. a little bump and a question. any dslite owners here have any cracks on the left hinge?
  18. put your wife on auction she clean and cook well?
  19. So how often did they battle the PD in an atmosphere compared to space? As for the mouse argument, well I have speakers that look like speakers and they produce sound, not luminosity or Anima Spiritia... The fact that the series tended to have the PD army actually hearing the music whether they had a speaker pod imbedded in their ship or not, is what tends to blur the common sense aspect of the series. However, I fully appreciate the fact that the target audience didn't care about the "credibility" of the tech, but enjoyed the show as it was. They didn't spend half as much time thinking about such matters as some people do typing up defenses to questionable artistic licenses the production team took with an early adolescent targeted program... 415021[/snapback] I find it ironic that you can't grasp a basic concept that "sound energy/anima spiritia" is different from "sound." Its is clearly stated in the series (its introduced in the episode where the spirita backpack is given to Basara by Doctor Chiba). It was clearly stated in the series, and everything in the series (the creation of elaborate sound beams and fields, as well as making the macross cannon a HUGE sound booster shows that this is purely physical sound energy. I don't disagree there was some beliavabilit and artistic licence taken with "Sound energy"... like when we see it protect Gamlin from an energy attack from a PD. but its definately not "physical sound." Ignore that all you want, because its pretty conclusive that "sound energy" is something different alltogether than sound, and was coherently stated throught the whole series as such. Also, I put down the fact that Vartua pilots hear the music to two things. First I'd say that some of the sound can be attributed to bad sound editing in production (not the first time its happened). Other times its clear that they cannot hear the broadcasts. Think of the episode where they use speaker pod Gamma vs the mother ship. The sound usually cuts off with scenes inside vartua ships, which makes it pretty clear that the Vartua have machines that prevent them from hearing sound broadcasts. Exposure to music (like when they infiltrate City 7) often caused them to lose control (usually described as Abnormal C Chord error, or something like that). 415078[/snapback] I think your both right and wrong. Sound energy is differnt from "Song energy" (thinking small but a huge translation error in that dept) anyways song energy is what you mac7 lovers call spirtia from the hamonic combination of spirit of the singer and the melody of the base or what ever mumbo jumbo. sound energy is just that sound waves to transfer Song energy.
  20. nope. holographic or bust. I want my 3d vf-19 to ride in till my power goes out.
  21. there is a reason hes with ray for all this time. Pink pecker squad
  22. thats a good one. I like the one murphy gets a white farting blob and suddenly it becomes a spoof of gremlins, aliens, and some anime mecha show (not sure what that white suit suposed to resemble)
  23. One thing I feel we should talk about is most of the protodevilin are very anoying or just plain dumb. the flying monkey rubs me the wrong way but the one that takes the cake is the those 2 that warp around and laughing. To me those two are way worst than basara trying to sing an song just once.
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