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  1. Right, it's not like they were all orphaned children who deep down inside really just wanted to be loved and understood. heh correct all i wanted is some love.... *flashback when hes was a single cell in a vial* "daddy? where are you? no daddy dont leave me!!!!! nooooooooo"
  2. hmm ya boycot DYRL. They protray us as cold heartless giants, but we realy wanted to say hello but your macross attacked us first with your main cannon. do we not cry if we get hurt. or we do not bleed when your 55mm shell rips threw our bodies? charge max with warcrimes for killing one of our soldiers in a unnecessary way as exposing him to the deadly touch of space in his face. just your friendly giant green machine that cries as machines get exploited by humans.
  3. heh its the new fad for vf-0s the plastic leather or pleather gbp. look stylish while owning the anti-un. colors vary on purchase.
  4. you mean the reactive armor that explodes to reduce the nrg from incomming projectiles?
  5. its ok, the only thing that bothers me is the bi-plane. I never liked that part in the game having tails flying it and the show seems to made it worst. Im not sure about the kid sidekick, Part of me wishes for knuckles to beat the snot of of him but if he had more of a role other than giving sonic the mini-power ring then it would be ok.
  6. Wow i forgot was the intent of this post. oh ya. I wanted Sharon to own both valks and enslave the ppl of earth to music. or at very least kill that nerdy kid thats the designer of the 19, i never liked that char. about the rape thing, i wouldnt think too much about taking Guld's flashback as fact, be like trusting a liar. Given time if he lived he would get flashbacks ripping the cloths off his yf-21. He being so mental he proly would block memories of him forgetting to brush his teeth in the morning then warp it that isamu did something horribly wrong. Edit. forgot to add kill
  7. "Exchange" in legaleze is not the literal word you think it means. An "Exchange" is simply a transfer of one item to another person. A broader definition is that it is a transfer of one or more items to another person or entity based on a mutual understanding or reception of another item or items. This meaning an "Exchange" can be the transfer of a single item between two people, as in the phrase "the men on the corner made the exchange" meaning one man handed an item to another man. Exchange is used as a verb to define the synchronized action of someone giving and someone receiving. Rather than saying the long-winded sentance "Bob took the item and Fred Gave the item" you simply say "Bob and Fred exchanged the item". Another thing people need to keep in mind is that the Legislative branch of government enacts the laws and the Judicial branch interprets them... meaning that one judge may view the word "exchange" the way you do and another may see it the other way while the congressman that wrote the law sees it in an entirely different way. think barter would been a better word to use
  8. sry to hijack teh tread abit but im been looking for a portable dvd player for some time now. i decided to get atleast a 7in screen but after looking in thise tread is there a portable dvd player that multi region or are they all that, most of the one i considered dont say what region they play.
  9. hmm then the RIAA would be double dipping. Hope everybody that got sued should counter sue and get atleast dbl the ammount they got sued for.
  10. And these are the idiots who are saying how much access our computers have?!? I explained it to my ISP server, they droped it, and I also sent an email to MediaSentry asking for an explination. Let you know if it ever comes in. did you download it or recorded it (if you have a tv tuner on your comp)? If its the other which i hope be cool if they get sued for looking in your hard drive without your knowing or permission. I used to buy music cds till my friend showed me how much better the small time bands that have no music corp ties. I rather spend my money to go to a bar or small concert that have the unknown bands thats way better than buy a cd off a descent but not that good band. Besides i can just turn on my radio to listen to them. they play those billboard songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over......
  11. Is this all it takes to legally own the rights to an ALREADY PUBLISHED image!? i always wondered about that. maybe nash meant I copy it right (its a joke nash if your still hosed about rico). But then im not a lawyer thats is up to code on copyright laws.
  12. i would like to see a new st series based on a federation citizen (and maybe a small crew) who owns a small ship (between a shuttle and a small transport) and done various jobs to earn latium or upgrade his ship. The jobs he does can proly be from transporting ppl of importance who dont want to use their normal transport that would gain attention from others, transporting cargo (illegal or legal) to planets or stations, Raids that involve more finess since he will be the underdog in battles.
  13. most i overpaid is 20bucks for a junky banpresto the 1:48s i still think its still worth its value.
  14. I would like to see it showing macross b4 it crashed on earth and how it ended up to its timely planetfall with a grain of sand called earth. seeing how the original crew b4 they dissapeared/died acted if it was manned.
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