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  1. The only benefit I noticed using it on mine is the lack of the spring sliding in the buffer tube. Everyone around me doesn't really care about it except me but in my mind it reminds of sound that toilet paper spring "thingy" when you compress it to change the roll out.
  2. Any word if the front landing gear will be articulated or just a metal stick like the other ones? I always want them to be more functional like that plus shocks to move up and down.
  3. You don't have to worry about dead pixiles, I think its just over hyped. only thing you have to worry is the hinge crack issue or if you have my luck a blown fuse ,n2 i think it was called but its very fixable, and my other issue the power switch's arm breaks easily on ds lites. the switch on the side is just a slider that moves a long arm on the switch and it will break so many times you turn it on. it wont affect the dslite but just make it take longer to turn it on and off since i have to remove the power slider and now use just a pocket knife to move the switch to turn it on. BTW. always leave a card in the slot1, somehow my cousin wanted to play his game on my dslite and forgot to put back my game when he was done; When I put the dslite in my pocket a coin fell into the slot1 and popped the fuse when I turned it on. If your wondering if I should noticed a coin in there, it was a phil 1 peso coin which is large enough that it wont rattle inside and gets locked into place in the device that also locks the card into place too.
  4. quick scoop whats left of it off the tree and pour it into the stewpot. btw 10mm on rabbits I call chemical propellant acupuncture except it don't feel better after.
  5. I own one and it feels ok to shoot, don't know why some others thinks it too much some to shoot feels to me the slightly less recoil to a 44 mag. finding a box of 10mm is bit hard but I reload my own and empty rounds is very easy to find in gun shows. My only problem is choosing the right targets for it, small animals is a big no-no for it since the bullets will go throught it without expanding much and thus have to put more bullets through it to kill the poor target.
  6. pfft k she becomes a low budget star for tv informercials such as OT thermonuclear lean mean grilling machine and ron popeil pocket fisherman.
  7. That or a laser jammer to protect it from ground troups using stingers, I figure with todays battlefield you want to keep your standard flares/chaffs for the aircraft and not waste them on numeraous troops with stringers.
  8. My theory is after a year or 2 of patrols un spacy declares macross too costly to run and converts it to a super space liner for tourist to view the solar system up close. the bridge bunnies take a part time job as waitress in bars wearing skimpy swimsuits, hikaru being not driven to join the un spacy, he becomes a taxi driver in some small town, fokker is eventauly discharged due to contracting many types of stds since he is a playboy pilot, the fat guy dies from a heart attack, max stays single and is a ceo of a computer company, misa becomes a high ranking general along with her steady girlfriend claudia who always bugs her to get married. oh yah global is also discharged to illegaly smuggling contraband at various stops on earth. forgot: minmay gets married to some guy she mets while working in the resteraunt that is still on the island and is never noticed by any media scouts (basicly just some girl like all the rest).
  9. Isamu's helmet is insanely huge to the other helmets in macross so it wouldn't be a good reference. he needs a big helm for his big ego.
  10. Sheesh Its bad enough dealing with human nurses that make you fill out tons of forms and can't hit a blood vein to draw blood. A robot one would probaly make me fill out an eula form too and then jam a needle through my arm.
  11. Also with plasmas they put out lots of heat. My friend has one and he keeps saying the sound of the fan to suck out the heat drives him nuts while watching a movie.
  12. Heat pipes like in laptops can work to move the heat to the heat dispersal device but it won't be good in combat, added overall empty weight so less ordance/fuel plus get damage easily and won't be as effective or none at all. about the explosion effects I will use the cheap excuse, they have a layer of gas in the skin so they blow up properly (blame the macross HMO (also introduced helmets with giant blind spot above your eyes) )
  13. Or have a friend that knows how to buy and sell firearms/ammo, when he got me a opened case that had 500 left about 3 years ago he only charged me 30 bucks since I was a good friend so I got it at what he paid for. seems like the inland north west is not a good place to sell 7.62mm ammo since you see how low I sold my spare ammo and that took weeks to find buyers.
  14. What the? Let me guess, does it involve something with tenticals?
  15. I wouldnt mind it if demoralizes the enemy well maybe not all of them, would hate to see they go nascar and put up a bunch of logos all over the ship. A pilot might have a hard time landing from the light bouncing off a shiny logo into his eyes.
  16. Im more interested on what upgrades they did that they will not talk about.
  17. cmon guys MW is just back and your already starting up a flame war. To be fair I declare Earth as not a planet but a giant weapon of galactic anoyance of kfed music traveling out into space through radio signals.
  18. You seen that guy in youtube? That was nuts almost like you died and gone to taco bell hell.
  19. Meh could be worst. They put Jupiter into the catagory of condence sphereical nebulas instead of a planet.
  20. I like the b-52, shamed it crashed. can you say ouch time to take out a loan to replace it.
  21. underrated would be system shock 1/2. both all 4 are good games.
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