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  1. Just joined the Facebook page. Love the website you set up. Nice work.
  2. No reboot is necessary. Hollywood is already in the bad habit of that, lacking the creativity to come up with anything new and original. Macross is now pretty much an "alternate reality" kind of deal. There is no need to re-write it to make the early years of the story fit in with real-world history or events.
  3. Good stuff, OP. Two thumbs up. The cannon fodders' recognition for their glorious sacrifices is long overdue.
  4. I hated it and loved it at the same time. But I agree, there were some real gems in Clash that made me laugh my ass off.
  5. If any characters from previous additions to the Macross universe make any cameos, it will likely be those from the more recent installments. Or even from the games. I highly doubt that we'll see anything of the Megaroad 01 or Mao Nome in this series. As for Sheryl's surname, I'm of the opinion that it's simply a nod toward Macross Zero, rather than any sort of relation. Unless someone has official confirmation otherwise, or that it's revealed later on in Macross Frontier.
  6. Actually, no. That's not what I was saying, in any shape or form. And it's debatable weither or not such phenomena actually exists in nature. I lean more toward the "it's all bullsh*t" camp. But I have an open enough mind to acknowledge the fact that science can't prove/disprove everything, and that anything is possible until proven otherwise beyond a shadow of a doubt. So,no. Paranormal phenomena can't accurately be called "magic" in the purest sense. Cool sounding name, or not. Of course, this is just my take on the matter. Others will differ. Just because they didn't appear in th
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the squadron numerical designation for Skull was "VF-1". Which kinda fits considering what they flew in the original series.
  8. I like Gundam, but I'm not what you would call a "hard core" fan. I consider Macross and Patlabor to be better franchises.
  9. Nah, I don't snicker at them for TPTB milking the Gundam money cow. It may have something to do with the fact that I don't acknowledge anything, outside of the main Universal Century timeline, as Gundam. The rest of it was just adolescent crap. And fans of the "classic" Gundam actually have my sympathy.
  10. While I do have my gripes about some things in the franchise, I've pretty much enjoyed everything released to date, including Macross II and the first episode of Macross Frontier. So, I wouldn't have stopped with the original series. After all, look at my sig. I'm a proud Macross CONSUMER WHORE!
  11. I've heard all the hoopla and speculation on this upcoming Trek film. While I've long since become convinced that the franchise is dead, and should be allowed to rest, I'm willing to give this film a fair shake. So, yes, I plan on seeing it.
  12. What is shown in Macross Zero isn't "magic", which is a word that gets bandied about in reference to that show. More like telekinesis, telepathy, and strong paranormal empathy. There have been shows similar to Macross that added, or further elaborated later in the same fashion as Kawamori, paranormal elements in the storyline. Just because mystical elements in society embrace the paranormal in their occult disciplines, doesn't make it "magic" in the same sense as seen in the fantasy genre. While I agree that Kawamori has gone a little too far in the "New Age" direction with the franchise,
  13. My vote would be "None of the Above". Unfortunately, it's not among the choices. I remember a movie starring Mel Gibson (can't recall the title), where a man volunteers for such an experiment in the 1940's, and wakes up in today's world. From what little I've seen (only caught bits and pieces of it), the guy had it kinda rough. Of course, someone from 50-70 years in the past could easily adjust to the present, where many of the basics are the same. It wouldn't be much of a problem for the individual in question to quickly catch up on the new stuff. Now, 100-130 years wouldn't be too bad
  14. Very interesting. I'm assuming, that if you can find any of them, that they would be collector's items.
  15. A Macross game on BluRay? I could go for it. No worries about modding when I import. Personally, I would be just as happy if Harmony Gold DID NOT decide on any more games based on Macross. Robotech:Battlecry sucked. After that game, and Star Trek: Shattered Universe, I avoid anything with TDK Mediaactive's stamp on it. The Sega Macross game for the PS2, on the other hand, was a blast to play. No annoying Jack Archer. But I will admit that Robotech: Invasion was fun to play. I thought it was pretty good, despite all the bad reviews. Just goes to show that like the case with movie
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