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  1. Seems to be the only logical reasoning for having those small manipulator arms. At any rate, there really shouldn't even be a need for magazines as the gun pod should use one big chain of ammo. They thought it would be cool to have a chain gun be magazine fed I guess even though it contradicts the reason behind having a chain gun in the first place.
  2. How is a film that isn't about any real world event or similar to any real world event propaganda?
  3. You'd still need infantry to protect assets from other humans.
  4. I believe Isamu changes magazines right before shooting down the last enemy.
  5. Good games are getting harder and harder to find now days. I feel that developers are focusing on the wrong things. Sure, awesome physics, cool attacks and nice graphics are fun but that isn't going to keep me playing. The story could be great but I might not wish to complete the game if it isn't that fun to play. I find few games that give consideration to what happens after you beat the game.
  6. Yes, I agree that the active cloak man is more impressive. They need to paint it now.
  7. I believe this movie will merely setup Venom for the next movie.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the arm transformation but I like the rest. I'd change it so the fins on the back of the battroid would lay down.
  9. I don't understand your reference. Are you referring to the Minmay dolls in the series or that resin china dress Minmay doll somebody made on the forums?
  10. I was going to mention that. All the repairs took place a while after the integration of Zentradi. Regardless, you see strong evidence before episode 27 that the Zentradi did not repair their equipment. Breetai's bridge remains damaged throughout most of the series. I don't think that the Zentradi were not capable of knowing how to repair things it was just that they never trained anyone to be a dedicated engineer or mechanic. That lack of training would ultimately be their downfall. I would imagine that the Zentradi were using some beat up equipment and were almost on their last leg when they fought Earth.
  11. Reflections are hard things to animate. Also the reticule was so big it would have been no use to him. It was also off center from his face and it never showed up ever again.
  12. I think it'd look more like the F-14. Yeah, I know it is based off the F-14 but I think he would have made the VF-1 look more sleek, less blocky and resemble the F-14 just a bit more.
  13. This happens quite a bit. The projects were independant of each other. The Ghost fighter was being developed for a while as a replacement for manned fighters. The VF-11 became outdated and needed to be replaced. The Ghost fighter isn't ready yet so they come up with project Supernova. During the final stages of Supernova the Ghost fighter is completed, there is no longer a need for manned fighters so the project is scrapped. If the Ghost fighter ran into some testing problems or there were problems with the AI then the winner of Supernova would become the next generation fighter. During WW2 many completed projects were never used because another project eclipsed them like the atom bomb. They were developing all sorts new bombs and weapons but once the atom bomb was completed they saw no reason to use the other weapons.
  14. Most people only have composite inputs, although it would be nice if they provided you with all the cables you may need.
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