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  1. where are people ordering this from? can't find it thru usual channels.
  2. I posted this in the wanted section,but most people I talk with are in here: hello all,I am in need of a little help,if anybody would be willing to go to the blister store event in www.blister.jp/ I'm looking to get a bust from Gentle Giant @ Blister - Tokyo 2007 world tour, it's the Commander Neyo bust from starwars,I know it's not Macross,but I would really appreciate it and will pay you $100.00 USD plus the cost of the bust and shipping to the U.S., I f anybody can help and wouldn't mind making a little money let me know thanks, PM me!
  3. the way I see this issue is that as a collector of both high end StarWars and Macross items I have to be selective about the items I buy,I have stopped pre ordering anything because I can usally find it below retail on ebay,it's really taken the need to pay full retail out of the picture,also I wait now as I want to see the reviews of others that includes photos and the QC issues,After I got my fill of VF-1A,S,J I stopped and decided that I would only buy from the T.V. series and DYRL,this has made dealing with collecting high end Macross items easier,I am waiting for Destroids and after that a SDF-1 and then I'm done,can't see handing them more money for anything else(unless I get some enemy mech)? I do enjoy the other movies and shows,but they just don't make me want to part with 200+ dollars everytime they come out or for that matter a booster set or ghost! I think alot of collectors are becoming picky and really I think it's a good move!!
  4. hello? this thing on,knowbody knows hmm
  5. I have been looking for the answer to this,maybe you all can help,yamatos 1/48th scale isn't true,so what scale is it? is it 1/44 or 1/40? I used the scale conversion chart awhile ago and got both of the 1/44-1/40? anyway anybody build 1/48th tamiya or other brands and notice this? I know it's not a big deal but it's interseting
  6. dam I can't even enjoy this crap,ban this guy please
  7. I wonder if BIG G coud ask for an official poll from Yamato? so we could see what they are thinking? or atleast considering?
  8. I'm no expert! but I think they are moving on! look alot of people wanted kakizaki and an angel bird,we got those+ acouple of "varients" woodland and stealth. I'll bet that t.v. max comes out then we start seeing Destroids and more zero,then we will get the 2 seaters once people aren't expecting them? just my .02! they know we will buy them,big G is a marketing departments wet dream,they know how(what to bring out) to get our cash!
  9. let's put it this way,these forums(MW) are great research for them(Yamato) we know it,so give them polls about what we want,they see it and respond,maybe not always in the best way, but hell different is good
  10. I can't say toy collecting is a bad idea,but timing is really important in respects to profit,for example in highschool(later 80's) I horded starwars toys,finally got two complete OTC sets,felt really lucky to find them at the time in the mint condition! fast forward 10 years and they were a burden,storage was pricey and moving was a pain,so I sold them and made enough to put a nice chunk down on my first house! it was cool that a hobby that others laughed at me for funded a house that later the same people called me creative for how I paid for the house! hmm full circle now I wouldn't dream of doing it again because the market is just flooded with good lines and people have great choices! I think that(lots of(quality) choices) devalues all the toys collectability and values,I guess if you find the right "thing" and the timing is right,go for it! if not buy IRA's or TSA's or even stock in future tech company's? who knows? really? just have fun
  11. I have those,man I love those, I bought the entire series back in the 80's(two of each) coolest thing I'd seen stateside back then,still have them in the shrink rap
  12. I was wondering if anybody had any intrest in custom display bases for their 1/48's? I have a friend that does model bases(1/35,1/48) for tanks and airplanes,he is looking to start custom stuff for sci-fi items,I'm waiting for his photo's,his work is amazing,I'll get some examples soon,let me know if the intrest is there? thanks
  13. I'm just curious what changed? how are they(yamato) being nice now,what did you do to get in good graces? sorry I'm just wondering why,what and when things changed? I'm glad they did,it's great but why, do they think we(MW) matter or are they just being nice?
  14. soooo? did big G say these were coming out or just for fun? I thought he had regained contact with Yamato? I'm confused!!! If these aren't the releases that were shown then what are they"reference" saverobotech said the rep said no,just for show? damit I need my coffee, I'm confused!!
  15. I'm thinking they have added a semigloss additive to those plastics,I don't think they have changed anything else though?
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