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  1. I got Michaels V25 and let me tell you, this thing is way better than a $25 toy has any right to be.
  2. I was on the Romulus page on Memory Alpha, misread(reversed) your first reply about Hobus and the sun. We're good. Thanks!
  3. I had no idea. I went to the wiki earlier, and it might've been the wrong one, but none of that was mentioned. That is pretty trashy.
  4. What did they retcon about it? I am out of the loop. Is it not still accepted that some Romulan tomfoolery led to the supernova?
  5. I got super sidetracked work, didn't mean to let that fall off. Wasn't much left to say except I am a pretty casual Trek fan, so perhaps that is why I enjoy the newer stuff, and I may have been a bit holier than I meant to be.
  6. Agreed, I really enjoyed them spreading out the character building a little more in S2. I hope with S3 seemingly being the crew spread out throughout the galaxy or maybe even time, we see more character central episodes. They've added a lot of depth to every character they focused on and it was nice.
  7. I stopped reading the Star Wars thread here for that exact reason too. I don't even necessarily disagree with some or maybe even most of it, but don't people ever get tired of shitting on the things they supposedly like? I went into Picard and Disco cold. Voyager was the last show I watched when it was on TV, and have obviously watched the JJ movies. I enjoyed the hell out of Picard, and dare say I think it was nearly flawless. And Disco, I drank that show up and can't wait for the next season.
  8. I saw this thread and was like "ooh, I just watched and enjoyed that show, let's go see what...oh, nope, better avoid this thread too." FFS.
  9. HLJ made me verify paypal again and I lost it to order stop. Yay.
  10. Amimi popped back up, then took me to their "sorry it's gone" page. Reeee. lol
  11. 1999 poofed the instant it went up.
  12. My credit union blocks overseas purchases by default. I need to call them and unblock it for 24 hours to order from anywhere not the US or Canada.
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